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Shannen heeft samen met BFF Sarah een sketch opgenomen voor Funny of Die over koken voor de Amerikaanse feestdag Thanksgiving.

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Tori Spelling en Jennie Garth hebben met Entertainment Tonight gepraat over hun nieuwe podcast over over 90210. Hier spraken ze ook kort over de de strijd die Shannen voert tegen kanker en hoe sterk ze haar vinden. Klik op de link om het interview te bekijken.

Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth couldn’t be more impressed by Shannen Doherty’s strength. In an interview with ET’s Katie Krause, the Beverly Hills, 90210 co-stars praised Doherty and her determination amid her cancer battle.

“Shannen’s just a really strong person. That’s who who she is,” Garth shared. “She’s an Aries, she’s very determined, and you don’t think about cancer when you’re working with her or hanging out with her. That’s not what her life is. She’s just Shannen, and our friend, and our castmate.

Doherty was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Two years later, she announced her cancer was in remission, but revealed in February 2020 that her cancer had returned last year, in stage 4. The actress starred alongside Garth and Spelling on 90210, as well as the show’s recent reunion series, BH90210, last year.

“That she’s dealing with such a heavy thing is hard, [but] you don’t see it,” Garth said. “She’s really good about that, and [tries] to keep it private.”

“She actually didn’t share with us that her cancer had come back,” Spelling added. “We didn’t find out until after, and that’s just a testament to her, because she didn’t want people to feel bad for her or think she couldn’t work as hard. And she worked so hard.”

Spelling said she and Garth wished Doherty would have shared her battle with them, “because we wanted to be there for her during that experience.” “But the fact that she didn’t tell anyone speaks volumes of her work ethic and the type of strong person that she is,” she added.

In addition to Spelling, Garth and Doherty, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green, Jason Priestley and Gabrielle Carteris also returned for BH90210. Fellow original 90210 castmember Luke Perry died on March 4, 2019, before filming of BH90210 took place.

The first episode of the series was dedicated to Perry, and Garth and Spelling said they’ll continue to keep his memory close on their new 9021OMG podcast. The podcast will see the two actresses will revisit their old episodes and share behind-the-scenes secrets from their time on the show.

“While it’ll be hard to watch, I think it’ll be really great to be able to share with all our fans the amazing human [Perry] was behind the cameras,” Spelling said. “Because he was this heartbreaker, obviously everyone knew he was a nice guy. Anyone that knew him — even if he didn’t know him — you knew he was just a great person and so humble.”

“He was such a jokester on set, and I’m sure a lot of the scenes are gonna be, ‘OK, he looks super sexy here, but here’s what he was doing behind the cameras to make us all laugh.’ So it’ll be nice to be able to share that side of him and to keep the spirit alive,” she added.

“To be honest with you, the ones with Luke will be really difficult for me to sit through,” Garth agreed. “But you know, I’ll find beauty in it.”

9021OMG podcast premieres Monday, Nov. 9. See more on Doherty and what she told ET about her involvement in BH90210 in the video below.

Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty heeft samen met BFF Sarah Michelle Gellar een interview gehad met Entertainment Tonight.

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Afgelopen weken ontstond er een online woordenwisseling tussen Rose, Holly en Sarah over ‘Charmed’. Dit nadat Sarah in een tweet reageerde op de livevideo die Holly en Rose online haden gezet.

Het begon met de livevideo waarin Holly en Rose zich uit over het feit van de orginele ‘Charmed’ niet meer te zien is op de Amerikaanse steamingsdienst Netflix. Hierop reageerde Rose dat dit zou komen omdat de reboot dan beter bekeken zou worden, deze zou niet leuk zijn – ook al is ze blij dat mensen hierdoor een baan hebben. Iets later in de video gaf ze wel toe de ‘Charmed’ reboot nog nooit gekeken te hebben, waarop Holly lachend reageert.

“I haven’t seen it, I can’t say that. I’ve never seen it. I’m happy that people have jobs – but it can still suck.”

Hierop voelt Sarah geneigd te reageren via haar twitteraccount. Hierin benoemd ze de reactie van de Rose en Holly vooral triest en eerlijk gezegd zielig te vinden dat volwassenen vrouwen zich zo gedragen, en andere vrouwen met een gekleurde huid naar beneden halen. Ze voegt er aan toe dat ze hoopt dat ze gelukkig zijn. In een aanvullende tweet laat ze weten dat haar vader ooit actrice Shannen Doherty op de set van een project heeft ontmoet en zij aardig was en blij met de nieuwe serie.

“You know, I saw this earlier and I refrained from saying anything. I thought, better to just let them shout into the abyss. But I do want to say, I find it sad and quite frankly pathetic to see grown women behaving this way. I truly hope they find happiness elsewhere, and not in the form of putting down other WOC. I would be embarrassed to behave this way. Peace and love to y’all.”

In other news, my dad met the lovely @DohertyShannen on set once whilst standing in. He approached her saying his daughter was a new Charmed one (pre-covid!). He told me she was so kind, thrilled for us, and excited to take a picture. She sent her love. 🥰

Holly is echter niet gediend van de reactie van Sarah en geeft hierop een reactie via haar twitteraccount, waarbij ze voornamelijk kritiek lijkt te hebben over Sarah’s opmerking over huidskleur. Later tweet Holly nog dat de reboot vooral pijn doet omdat het de gehele filmindustrie gaat om het verdienen van geld. En ze hoopt dat fans de ruzie nu laten rusten.

“That’s some bullshit. And a lot of it. Clearly. People speaking, excuse me typing, derogatory accusations of a person’s character despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary because of a difference in opinions about a tv show is just plain wrong. And also personal gain honey.”

“My Charmed friends … I would like everyone to stop. Truth be told and it will be told is that our issues were and are at the corporate level. And we have the receipts. Just as the new cast were asked to be people they were not we were given ultimatums that were crazily unfair. And I will say to the ladies of the reboot… stick together… negotiate together and know that the discourse between us, you guys and crews being discarded and replaced is what they bank on. Division. That is all. Blessed be.

And for the last time I will say it’s not about any 1 person taking a job to support their families or themselves. It’s about an industry that sees us only as numbers whether it be follower #’s or $ signs. Cuz in the end and actually in the beginning that’s all we were/are. Cool.”

Rose besluit via een bericht in instagramstories zich te direct de richten tot Sarah, waarin ze soort van haar excuses aanbied…….

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Shannen praat met het tijdschrift Elle openhartig over haar kankerdiagnose. Zo laat ze weten nog niet klaar te zijn op dood te gaan nu ze uitbehandeld heeft, en ze het moeilijk vind om haar afscheid te plannen omdat ze zich niet ziek voelt. Lees hieronder een gedeelte van het interview, outtakes van de bijbehorende fotoshoot door haar man Kurt staan in de galerij,

Galerij Links:
http//: 2020 – Kurt Iswarienko (Elle USA)

Shannen Doherty Is Not Signing Off Just Yet
Fighting Stage IV breast cancer has forced some self-reflection, but the ’90s icon and so-called diva refuses to slow down.

On a cool evening in February 2019, Shannen Doherty invited some friends to a Venice, California, rental house for a dinner party. Doherty’s actual home was in Malibu, 20 miles north, but she and her husband, photographer Kurt Iswarienko, had fled the property a few months earlier, when a wildfire that started inland burned nearly 100,000 acres on its way to the Pacific Ocean. The couple’s house survived the blaze, but Doherty says the property sustained significant damage that made it uninhabitable.

The guest list for the dinner included only people Doherty trusted: her husband and the friends who knew the real Shannen—not the 1990s tabloid caricature, the loudmouthed bad girl with a temper. Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar was there, along with model Anne Marie Kortright, Malibu real estate agent Chris Cortazzo, and a Los Angeles doctor named Lawrence Piro.

Doherty had compiled the guest list, but it was Piro, her oncologist, who drove the conversation. Less than two years earlier, the actress had finished treatment for breast cancer, and Piro was at the dinner to explain that Doherty’s disease was back. The cancer, Piro said, was now metastatic (also known as Stage IV), meaning it had spread beyond Doherty’s breast and lymph nodes. “The way he presented everything to everyone was matter-of-fact,” Doherty, 49, tells me when we speak in June. The news was devastating, of course, and Doherty had invited Piro so her friends could get answers to the questions she knew they would have. Would she die of this? Probably. Would she die soon? Probably not. Why did this happen? It was impossible to know. Could this be treated? Yes, to a point. “Everybody got to ask questions and know what we were looking at as a group, as a team,” Doherty says.

About 300,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. In the majority of cases, initial treatment for the disease is effective, curing the patient. But in a significant share of cases, the breast cancer returns, either to the breast or nearby lymph nodes or to other parts of the body. In Doherty’s case, despite the surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation she had undergone after her first diagnosis, it seemed that some cancer cells had survived the assault and made their way to her spine. Eventually, the disease will most likely spread further, to Doherty’s brain, lungs, liver, or some combination thereof.

Still, there was reason for hope, Piro told the group. Treatment for metastatic breast cancer, which was once an automatic death sentence, has advanced in recent years, with patients living longer and having a better quality of life. Some survive for a decade or more. Doherty’s treatment would include hormone therapy to block the estrogen fueling her cancer, plus a second targeted drug that is often effective at stabilizing metastatic disease. If this didn’t work, there were other drug combinations to try, but the bottom line was that Doherty would be in treatment for the rest of her life. As Piro explained all this, his patient sat at the table, listening.

Nearly 30 years after she played Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210, Doherty is still striking, with high cheekbones and shiny, jet-black hair. “I think people have a mental picture of Stage IV cancer as someone sitting in a gray hospital gown, looking out a window on their deathbed,” Iswarienko, tells me. “I don’t see a cancer patient when I look at Shannen. I see the same woman I fell in love with. She looks healthy and vital.”

FotoshootsShannen DohertyTijdschriften

Ik heb enkele nieuwe outtakes van Shannen’s fotoshoot vorig jaar voor People Magazine door haar man Kurt Iswarienko toegevoegd in de galerij.

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http//: 2019 – Kurt Iswarienko (People)

FotoshootsShannen Doherty

A podcast about the Power of Three could happen. Holly Marie Combs recently shared that a Charmed podcast isn’t out of the question. The star who played Piper Halliwell in The WB series for eight years said she’s giving a Charmed podcast some thought. Combs even revealed she spoke to her former co-star and fellow Halliwell sister Shannen Doherty about the possibility.

“I can’t believe how many kids have asked for that and I call them kids, but they’re like, 30, but because I’m so old that they are kids still,” she told Us Weekly in an interview published on Aug. 22. “I actually did talk to Shannen about it and she was like, ‘Alyssa [Milano] would probably love to do that with you!’ Maybe after the election, it would be good.”

Seeing as Combs already has one successful podcast about Pretty Little Liars, she’s definitely the right person to pursue a podcast about Piper, Paige (Rose McGowan), Phoebe (Milano), and Prue (Doherty) Halliwell. Her current PLL podcast is appropriately titled “Pretty Little Wine Moms,” and features her former costars, Lesley Fera and Nia Peeples. They rewatch episodes, chat with other actors from the show, and even have Zoom calls with fans.

A similar format for Charmed might work as well, or she could come up with a completely new format. Whatever the case, Combs isn’t ruling out the future potential project. Plus, when Drew Fuller, who played Piper’s son on Charmed, jokes that Combs won’t let him be a “wine mom,” a Charmed podcast sounds like the next best decision since Fuller could very much contribute.

Even with all of the recent “family drama” between McGowan and Milano, Combs continues to act like big sister Piper, proving she’s destined to keep the legacy of Charmed alive. For those unaware, after much heated back and forth between the two on Twitter beginning Aug. 21, McGowan alleged that Milano “made that set toxic AF.” Milano didn’t respond to McGowan’s Charmed claims directly, but a rep for the star told People, “Hurt people hurt people. Commenting any further doesn’t align with my wellness plan.”

As for Combs, she tweeted on Aug. 22, “I mean was there ever an episode where we all got along? No. No one would’ve watched that show. It’s ok. Call your siblings, parents and grandparents. Breathe deep thankfully. Life is short and just got shorter for many. That’s what Piper would’ve said. As she blew something up.”

Doherty also tweeted directly to the Charmed fans, “I just want to say…. thank you Charmed fans. No matter what’s happening just know you are appreciated and loved.”

Alyssa MilanoCharmed (Orginial)Drew FullerHolly Marie CombsShannen Doherty

Shannen rouwt om het verlies van haar beste vriendin Deborah die haar strijd tegen kanker heeft verloren.

“Charmed” actress Shannen Doherty shared the heartbreaking news that her best friend of almost three decades, Deborah Waknin-Harwin, died of cancer.

“Around 28 years ago when I met Deborah, she made me squeeze into very tight red patent pants. It was an instant friendship,” Doherty penned in an emotional tribute to her late friend in an Instagram post on Monday. “A friendship that in 28 years has endured, grown and been cherished by us both.” Read More

Shannen Doherty

If you ask any Charmed fan what they know about what went on during the filming of the show, many of them will refer to the fact that it was reported that Shannen Doherty could be something of a diva. However, in a recent interview with Pedestrian, Brian Krause who played Leo, has downplayed how much of a drama this did actually cause on set. Krause has said that Doherty was always very driven about her work, and that sometimes she could come across as quite abrupt. However, he also said that there was no one else on the set that worked as hard as she did. She would also stick up for anyone of her co-stars if she felt it was needed. He described her as one of the family and said that all the cast and crew were devastated when she left. They all wondered whether the show would be able to go on without her. Ultimately, Rose McGowan was cast as a half sister that the family were unaware of, and the show ran for another five seasons.

When Doherty departed the show at the end of season three, it was rumored that she was fired. There were reports of a feud between her and co-star Alyssa Milano. The popular theory at the time was that Milano had given the producers an ultimatum that if Doherty wasn’t fired, then she would leave. However, this does not seem to be the way that Krause remembers it. There has never been any official confirmation as to why Doherty decided to leave the show, and according to Krause it was a surprise to everyone that worked on the show.

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Shannen heeft in een interview met Good Morning America laten weten dat haar borstkanker terug is. Bekijk het emotionele interview hieronder.

Shannen Doherty moest noodgedwongen geheim van ziekte onthullen: Ze leek, met de kanker in remissie, compleet terug en sterker dan ooit in het leven te staan. Dat was in augustus vorig jaar, toen voormalig Beverly Hills 90210-actrice Shannen Doherty nog een krachtig interview gaf, waarin ze nog stelde: „Ik heb kanker overleefd. Wat kan mij nou nog gebeuren?” Samen met haar vriend Kurt leek ze het leven haar meer dan ooit toe te lachen. Wie had kunnen weten dat dat interview misschien wel haar grootste acteerpresentatie was; waarin ze een geheim verborg dat ze nu noodgedwongen toch nog openbaarde?

Het is enkel en alleen aan een rechtszaak te danken dat Shannen Doherty dinsdag onthult dat de kanker terug is. En niet zomaar terug: stadium 4. Dat betekent vaak dat de ziekte is uitgezaaid en daarmee nog moeilijk te bestrijden is. En dat nadat ze in 2015 ook al kampte met borstkanker. De 48-jarige heeft de diagnose nog niet verwerkt, al kreeg ze die een jaar geleden. „Er zijn dagen waarop ik zeg: ’Waarom ik?’ En dan bedenk ik me: ’Waarom niet ik?’. Wie zou dit naast mij nog meer verdienen? Niemand verdient het.”

De 48-jarige Shannen, die in 2015 ook al kampte met borstkanker, kreeg de diagnose een jaar geleden maar besloot het nieuws nog niet met de media te delen. „Dat wil ik nog steeds niet. Ik heb het nog steeds niet verwerkt”, legt ze uit.
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Ik heb foto’s en screencaptures toegevoegd van Shannen en Julian’s gezamelijk film ‘Another Day’ uit 2001.

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De afgelopen paar dagen ben ik druk bezig gerweest om de laatste appereances van de cast toe te voegen in de galerij.

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De afgelopen paar weken heb ik verschillende screencaptures toegevoegd van projecten door de cast! Hieronder een overzicht van alle updates

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Shannen heeft haar verzekeringsmaatschappij aangeklaagd omdat ze weigeren haar al claims te honoreren na de schade aan haar huis in Malibu na de bosbranden. In de rechtzaak verwijt de verkeringsmaatschappij dat Shannen en haar man weigeren mee te werken aan hun onderzoek en zij haar medische dossier niet wil aanleveren. Een uitspraak door de rechter is nog niet gedaan.

Actress Shannen Doherty is allegedly refusing to let her doctor be grilled under oath in the ongoing court battle over damage damage to her Malibu mansion.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, State Farm Insurance has rushed to court demanding a judge step in.

Doherty sued State Farm accusing them of refusing to cover her claims relating to damage done by the Woolsey Fire. The insurance company denies all allegations of wrongdoing. The case is headed to trial in the near future.

In newly filed court documents, State Farm claims, “As of September 11, 2019, State Farm has paid benefits totaling $1,084,948.01 to clean and repair plaintiff’s home and personal property, and for temporary housing and furniture rental. Although State Farm paid for the damage to plaintiff’s home, personal property, and for temporary housing and furniture rental, plaintiff nevertheless alleges she is entitled to additional benefits under her Homeowner’s Policy.”

They claim to have requested a site inspection of her home, months after the fire ended. State Farm claims Doherty has given them the run around and has yet to allow them to access the home damage.

Further, they claim both Doherty’s husband, Kurt Iswarienko, of refusing to sit for a deposition in the case.

“On November 19, 2019, State Farm asked Iswarienko on four instances whether he would appear at his deposition or whether alternative dates were available. Each inquiry was met with a vague response, and Iswarienko, for the first time, represented that State Farm’s desire to depose him was “harassing”.

They accuse Doherty of refusing to produce relevant medical records from her physician Dr. Piro. The motion states, “After State Farm made repeated attempts to confirm the deposition of Dr. Piro, plaintiff’s counsel advised that it was representing Dr. Piro in connection with subpoena and that objections would be served.”

Shannen Doherty

De zender Fox heeft de ‘BH 90210’ niet vernieuwd voor een tweede seizoen :(

Shannen Doherty

De afgelopen paar dagen heb ik enkele nieuwe screencaptures van de cast toegevoegd. Bekijk ze in de galerij.

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Hierbij de laatste appereances van de cast

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