De Amerikaanse TV zender Fox heeft besloten de nieuwe serie van Ser’Darius Blaine ‘The Big Leap’ geen tweede seizoen te geven door tegenvallende kijkcijfers en slechte reviews. Het gehele eerste seizoen van de serie dat uit 11 afleveringen bestaat is te bekijken via Disney+.

Fox has opted not to proceed with a second season of The Big Leap. The ballet drama-comedy, starring Scott Foley and Simone Recasner, had an 11-episode freshman run, which ended in December, with the network at the time deferring a decision on the show’s future until the spring.

It is one of two Fox freshman dramas on the bubble after soft limited runs, along with Our Kind Of People, which I hear looks promising for a second season due to a strong showing on Fox’s streamer Tubi.

With its music, stage performances and aspirational themes, The Big Leap was a favorite of Fox brass during the development process and arrived with a strong pre-launch buzz, drawing parallels to Fox’s breakout hit Glee.

But The Big Leap did not follow Glee‘s ratings trajectory. Linear ratings were soft, with the dramedy ranking as Fox’s lowest-rated series this season.

Still, Fox brass liked creatively The Big Leap, which scored a rare for a broadcast series 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The network met with The Big Leap team to hear their Season 2 pitch before making the final decision.

The Big Leap was a show-within-a-show that took viewers on a journey of self-acceptance, body-positivity and empowerment at any age. It was described as a modern tale about second chances, chasing your dreams and taking back what’s yours. The show revolved around a group of diverse, down-on-their-luck characters attempting to change their lives by participating in a potentially life-ruining reality dance show that builds to a live production of Swan Lake.

The Big Leap was produced by 20th Television and Fox Entertainment. Liz Heldens created the series inspired by the British reality series Big Ballet. She executive produced with the show’s director, Jason Winer, and Sue Naegle of Annapurna TV.

Nieuwe foto’s en screencaptures van Ser’Darius en Shannen in de film ‘The Fortress’ zijn toegevoegd in de galerij.

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De trailer van Ser’Darius nieuwste serie voor de Amerikaanse zender Fox is verschenen, de serie eerste seizoen zal op 20 september beginnen op de zender.

When he’s not starring with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart in the ‘Jumanji’ films, or on the reboot of the television series ‘Charmed,’ actor Ser’Darius Blaine has his pet project to attend to.


Blain has started a company called Top Shelf Getaways, a high-end travel concierge service that provides one-of-a-kind, budget-friendly, elite travel experiences specific to those who have an appetite for decadence and who are looking to get the best out of life.

What might seem like an odd time to pursue an initiative in the travel industry – COVID-19 is still running rampant in much of the world and air travel is still down 50 percent compared to 2019 standards – turned out to be the right time for Blain.

“100 percent. The whole purpose to start it now is to cater to people who want to have a good time in a safe environment in their own herd,” Blain told TravelPulse in an interview.

In addition to several exclusive international and domestic group getaways planned each year, Top Shelf Getaways offers private, curated, getaways where clients can celebrate important events, host gatherings of friends, family and colleagues and have experienced luxury travel specialists make sure it is a world-class, memorable experience.

Blain began the company in August of 2020 and called this first year a soft opening of sorts. But for New Year’s Eve, he hosted 47 tourists on a trip to Tulum. He has another event in Antigua later this month, and near the end of the year, he plans to go to Paris and Indonesia.

“All of our vacations are COVID-compliant,” Blain said. “Three days before a trip we ask everybody to provide proof of a negative test, and they are tested again two days into the trip. We have taken 227 people out of the country since October, and I’m proud to say that not one single positive test has come back.”

That’s one thing Blain was very diligent about. When he can, as with the Tulum trip, he will rent out luxury boutique hotels so that his traveling party has the run of the place. Visits to restaurants are either done in a private room or, if need be, renting out an entire eatery.

He also has two security guards on duty at all times, prompting him to joke that “There are no hookups on the trips. We have our own security and they won’t allow someone who is not part of the group into our hotel.”

Blain has two films coming out later this fall and another movie coming out next year. When he himself can’t accompany a trip, he will have trained tour leaders take his place.

But his absence won’t stop him from promoting his new venture.

“Oh, I’ll definitely talk about this during the press tours,” he said with a laugh. “We’re still in the infancy. I’m doing my best to keep all trips at-cost, so I haven’t made any profit yet. I want people to experience the top shelf life that we’re talking about. After the first year, we’ll talk about doing more. Right now, there’s a mystique to it. For now, I want it to be more of a word of mouth thing.”

For more information on Top Shelf Getaways, please visit their website at or @topshelfgetaways on Instagram and Facebook. You can also follow Founder and CEO, Ser’Darius Blain directly @serdariusblain where he occasionally posts behind-the-scenes clips from Top Shelf Getaways epic adventures.

Ser’Darius heeft enkele foto’s gedeeld op de set van zijn nieuwe film ‘American Underdog’

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Ik heb foto’s en screencaptures toegevoegd van Ser’Darius rol in de film ‘Camp X-Ray’ uit 2014.

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Ik heb enkele foto’s en screencaptures toegevoegd van enkele films en serie waarin Ser’Daruis te zien was, waaronder beide ‘Jumanji’ films.

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http//: Chicago P.D. (2016)
http//: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)
http//: Maybe Someday (2017)
http//: Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

Teri Polo leads a quartet of actors cast in The Big Leap, Fox’s ballet-themed hourlong comedy-drama pilot from The Passage writer/executive producer Liz Heldens. Matt Lucas, Jumanji;s Ser’Darius Blain and Ray Cham also are cast in lead roles in the project, inspired by the UK reality series Big Ballet. It is a co-production between 20th Century Fox Television and Fox Entertainment.

Written by Heldens, The Big Leap is descried as a funny and contemporary tale about second chances, chasing your dreams and taking back what’s yours. The show revolves around a group of diverse underdogs from all different walks of life who compete to be part of a competition reality series that is putting on a modern, hip remake of Swan Lake. What they lack in the traditional dancer body type, they make up for with their edge, wit and desire to reimagine an iconic story to fit their own mold. The Big Leap takes us on a journey of self-acceptance, body-positivity and empowerment at any age.

Polo plays Julia Torrence. A beautiful former ballerina, Julia is now a social-media-obsessed mom who focuses more on her Instagram than her moody teenage girls or her distant husband, Kevin. When she sees the chance to audition for The Big Leap, it feels like a chance to fill what feels like a hollow, art-free life.

Cham plays Justin Reyes, Gabby’s adorable high school boyfriend and dance partner, who came out of the closet to nobody’s surprise except Gabby — and his parents, who kicked him out. He works at a big-box store to support himself now, but when Gabby shows up and tells him about the dance contest, he catches the spark and gets excited to dance again too.

Blain is cast as Reggie Sadler. A stunning specimen of humanity, Reggie is a gorgeous, famous, athletic, professional football player. He has demonstrated some erratic behavior and needs to take a break from the sport. He decides that some career rehab is in order and finds himself learning to dance so he can audition to be on The Big Leap.

Lucas plays Wayne Sleep, a joyful British fellow who is one of the co-hosts of The Big Leap. He is a former dancer and is entertaining, enthusiastic and encouraging.

Heldens executive produces with Sue Naegle and Peter Dale of UK company Rare Day, which produced the reality series.

Polo, whose recent credits include Freeform’s The Fosters and spinoff Good Trouble and HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, is repped by Gersh and manager Bob McGowan.

Blain, best known for his role as Anthony “Fridge” Johnson in the Dwayne Johnson-Kevin Hart Jumanji franchise, is repped by Paradigm and Grandview

British actor, comedian and writer Lucas is repped by WME. Ray is repped by TalentWorks and Justine Hunt.

Ser’Darius heeft enkele nieuwe fotoshoots gehad. Zo heeft hij een promotieshoot gehad voor zijn eigen cateringsbedrijf Kingz Cuizine die hij gestart is en staat hij in de nieuwste editie van het online tijdschrift Wingman Magazine.

Daarnaast heeft hij ook aangekondigd om acteerlessen te geven genaamd ‘Ser’Darius Blain’s 2 Day acting Intensive!‘, dus mocht je volgende week in L.A. zijn en zin hebben ;)

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http//: 2019: Tim Schaeffer (YV Magazine)

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De trailer van Ser’Darius Blain nieuwste film ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ is verschenen, de film zal op 12 december in de Nederlandse bioscopen verschijnen.

Ik heb outtakes toegevoegd van Ser’Darius Blain’s fotoshoots, overige foto’s zijn films, tv series en publieke verschijningen volgen later.

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Charmed‘s Macy Vaughn is constantly struggling to conceal her new powers from pseudo-boyfriend Galvin — but is it possible that her new man is harboring a secret of his own? According to the synopsis of Sunday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c), “Maggie notices that Macy is upset about her situation with Galvin, so she offers to do some recon with her, but they discover that things might not be exactly what they seem.” Dun, dun, dun.

“There are definitely things you don’t know about Galvin,” Ser’Darius Blain tells TVLine. “We’ll get to know him quite a bit better over the course of these next few episodes, specifically in his relationship — or lack thereof — with Macy. I love the fact that the writers take the liberty of exploring my real-life culture as it pertains to my character. We explore that in the next few episodes, and that will explain a lot.”

But don’t expect Macy to share her big secret with Galvin — at least not anytime soon. “I’m excited for all the ways she’ll find to hide her secret from Galvin, but I’m also looking forward to hopefully becoming a part of the magic one day,” Blain says. “Niko and Galvin are the only humans on the show without powers… or are we?”

There’s a lot Blain appreciates about the couple’s budding relationship, but more than anything, he says, “I love that they’re two people the world might call ‘nerds.’ I like that the show is highlighting that being a nerd isn’t a negative thing, it’s empowering. I grew up in Miami, which is a very ‘cool’ city, but I was a science nerd. I was a biology major. But I also happened to be captain of the basketball team and first chair in band. Young people need to see that you can be a nerd and still be cool.”

Outside of his own character, Blain says it’s “an honor” to be part of a female-led show like Charmed that highlights the inherent strength of women: “I grew up around a lot of strong women, and they supported me, so it feels good to be able to return the favor, so to speak. Little girls need someone to look up to — and little boys need strong women to look up to, as well. I don’t think your heroes should be relegated to someone who’s the same sex or from the same background as you. Little boys should grow up wanting to be like Serena Williams.”

De cast van ‘Charmed’ is afgelopen maand gespot op de set van de serie in Vancouver, foto’s staan in de galerij.

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The CW heeft de eerste foto’s vrijgegeven van de seizoen 1 promotieshoot.

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De cast van ‘Charmed’ was aanwezig op de Summer 2018 TCA Press Tour begin deze maand op de serie te promoten.

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http//: 06 augustus: Summer 2018 TCA Press Tour – ‘Charmed’ Panel
http//: 2018 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour (Benjo Arwas)

Acteur Ser’Darius Blain die in de nieuwe ‘Charmed’ reeks te zien zal zijn heeft voor het eerst gereageerd op de online ‘ruzie’ die plaatsvond met de originele ‘Charmed’ cast.

“Honestly, it’s sad for me,” said the 31-year-old actor, who plays a potential love interest for one of the three sisters, Macy (Madeleine Mantock), on the new series. “I don’t like that there’s so much discord between the old and the new. I wish we could just come together, find a happy medium and all be happy.”

Blain added that he believes the fact that so many old shows are returning with their original cast members, while Charmed is not, may have contributed to the disapproval of the revival. While he’d love to have the original stars make guest appearances, he’s confident that the reboot will not disgrace the show’s legacy.

“I think old fans are afraid we’re going to completely forget what was built before us or not going to pay homage to it and it’s very much the opposite,” he said.

“We’re not trying to replace them at all,” Blain reassured fans. “I wish them all nothing but the best and hope we get to see each other at Comic-Con or something — hang out, grab some drinks! I hope they don’t think we’re trying to take their legacy or anything because it’s not the case. If we could have them cameo, we would not say no. We’re actors — we just want to play!”

In May, The CW officially ordered the new Charmed to series, centered on a new, younger crop of sisters — Macy (Mantock), Mel (Melonie Diaz) and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) — who, after the death of their mother, discover they are The Charmed Ones. Not everyone was thrilled with the news; original star Holly Marie Combs, who played Piper Halliwell on the 1998-2006 WB show, made headlines when she slammed the project.

“I appreciate the jobs and opportunities the Charmed reboot has created. But I will never understand what is fierce, funny, or feminist in creating a show that basically says the original actresses are too old to do a job they did 12 years ago,” Combs wrote in May, adding that she hoped the revival would be “better than the marketing so far.”