Jouw bron over de magische serie 'Charmed'
Welkom op De online bron voor alles over de magische series 'Charmed', zowel de orginele reeks uit 1998 en de nieuwe uit 2018! Hier vind je alles over de serie, cast en nog veel meer. Daarnaast houden wij je up-to-date met al het laatste nieuws rondom de serie en castleden. Hopelijk vind je alles wat je zoekt en kom je snel nog een keer terug.

De eerste promotiefoto voor het tweede seizoen van ‘Charmed’ is verschenen. The CW heeft de eerste poster vrijgegeven, het nieuwe seizoen start op 11 oktober. Nu deze datum dichter bijkomt zullen er mee foto’s en ook clips gaan verschenen de komende weken.

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Holly is enkele dagen geleden getrouwd met haar verloofd Mike. Brian en Drew waren hier ook bij aanwezig. In de galerij staan enkele foto’s.

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Madeleine Mantock, Melonie Diaz, Rupert Evans en Sarah Jeffery zullen op 6 oktober aanwezig zijn op de New York Comic-Con om ‘Charmed’ te promoten!

Hierbij de missende en recente appereances van de cast.

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Shannen heeft een interview gehad met People Magazine, hiervoor had ze een fotoshoot met haar man Kurt. Outtakes hiervan staan in de galerij. Klik op meer om het video interview te bekijken.

“Kurt and I have a much deeper appreciation for each other now,” Shannen Doherty tells PEOPLE

Shannen Doherty is opening up about an unexpected silver lining to her painful and terrifying battle with breast cancer — it changed her marriage, for the better.

“Cancer solidified us,” Doherty, who has been wed to photographer Kurt Iswarienko since 2011, tells PEOPLE. “Kurt and I have a much deeper appreciation for each other now.”

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, Doherty, 47, eventually underwent a mastectomy, followed by brutal back-to-back rounds of chemo and radiation before going into remission in 2018. The actress currently stars on BH90210, the hit reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Reflecting on her relationship with Iswarienko, Doherty says, “It’s not that our marriage wasn’t good before. But we were definitely going through some growing pains. We would lock horns on things, and instead of resolving it, we wouldn’t speak for a couple of days.”

Now, “we don’t let a night go by mad at each other,” says Doherty. “The last time we had a big argument was pre-cancer.”

And the actress says a heart-wrenching journey like the one she faced changes all involved.

“For anybody to think that the only person altered by cancer is the person with cancer is incredibly wrong,” she says. “Cancer alters the people in your life. And it’s shaped both of us. We look at life very differently now.”

Iswarienko is also helping Doherty accept her post-cancer body, something she admits has been difficult for her to do.

“I don’t have to be a sexy little vixen,” says Doherty. “How Kurt sees me really helps me be a better person. He was always like, ‘I’ve never seen someone handle something so difficult with so much grace. You’re so strong.’ And I figured out, it’s a quiet strength. And that is far sexier and appealing than I had before.”

Ultimately, “Kurt and I look at each other with such profound respect now,” Doherty says. “He was my rock in every way possible, and he made sure I knew how much he loved and valued me. We have a much deeper appreciation [for each other] now, and a much larger capacity for forgiveness.”

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‘Charmed’ en Melonie Diaz hebben geen award gewonnen bij de Teen Choice Awards op 11 augsutus. In de categorieën Sciencefiction/Fantasy TV Serie en Sciencefiction/Fantasy TV Actrice won beide keren de serie ‘Shadowhunters’. Er waren ook geen castleden van de serie aanwezig bij de uitreiking van de show.

When she was a child, Sarah Jeffery once auditioned for a local theater production with a performance of the Hot 100 High School Musical 2 hit “Fabulous.” Years later, Jeffery never imagined she’d have a chart-making hit of her own from a Disney Channel franchise.

Jeffery’s “Queen of Mean,” from the Disney musical Descendants 3, debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart last week, bowing at No. 67 following the film’s Aug. 2 premiere. Meanwhile, the music video continues to amass views on YouTube, currently clocking in at over 65 million — currently more than the clip for Ariana Grande and Social House’s “Boyfriend,” which was released the same week.

“I didn’t expect [‘Queen of Mean’] to gain so much popularity so quickly,” Jeffery tells Billboard. “You don’t really know how people are going to react to it, if it’s going to land, and it’s just impossible to predict. But I’m so grateful that this thing that I worked really hard on and was so excited about is getting recognition.”

Descendants 3 featured Jeffery’s return to the popular franchise, which follows the children of classic Disney heroes and villains, after playing Princess Audrey –the daughter of Aurora and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty — in the 2015 original. “Queen of Mean” marks Audrey’s transition from good to bad, as she seeks revenge after failing to secure her family’s legacy as the next queen of Auradon, the fictional land where the Descendants franchise takes place.

“Queen of Mean” is also the actress and singer’s first solo track of the franchise. “When I heard it for the first time, I got emotional,” says Jeffery. “I was like, ‘Wow, this is so beautiful,’ and I’m genuinely so grateful and excited that a song like that was written for me.”

Jeffery attributes the song’s popularity to its subject matter: “I feel like people can relate to it because it’s this song about never being seen and being forgotten about, and wanting to change that,” she explains. Written by Adam Schmalhoz (Selena Gomez), Thomas Sturges (Nevermind), Tim James (Miley Cyrus, Zedd) and Antonina Armato (Jonas Brothers), “Queen of Mean” isn’t the first Descendants song to make the Hot 100 chart. “Rotten to the Core,” performed by the Descendants cast peaked at no. 38 in 2015. Additionally, all three soundtracks have also appeared within the top 10 on the Billboard 200.

While getting a song on the Hot 100 was never a specific aspiration of Jeffery’s, the 23-year-old — who played the daughter of Jennifer Lopez’s character on Shades of Blue, and is now starring in The CW’s reboot of Charmed — admits the success of “Queen of Mean” is inspiring her to return to the studio.

“Music has always been something that I knew that I would eventually want to pursue,” says Jeffery, who took up dance, singing and acting as childhood hobbies. “I’ve been really busy with things on the acting side, so [music] hit the backburner for a minute, but I feel like this is a perfect segue into doing my own music.”

Rose heeft een nieuwe fotoshoot gehad voor het online tijdschrift Spirit & Flesh Magazine.

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