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Finola is te zien in Instagram TV series ‘Enter Exit’, die zal bestaan uit 11 afleveringen. Klik op meer om alle afleveringen te zien.

General Hospital’s Finola Hughes is starring in, and directing, a new IGTV thriller series called Enter Exit. The 11-part series also stars a number of her GH co-stars, including Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke), Marc Samuel (Felix), and Brooklyn Rae Silzer (ex-Emma).

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Films - TV SeriesFinola Hughes

Brian is gecast in de nieuwe film ‘Basement’ die gebaseerd is op een gelijknamige Broadway musical.

Brian Krause (Charmed, Camel Spiders) and Rizwan Manji (Perfect Harmony, Schitt’s Creek) will star in Robert Rosenbaum-helmed drama Basement, set in a make-shift Brooklyn bomb shelter. In addition, Manji real-life son Aariq Manji will play his son in the film. Hunter Emory, Christie Prades, Shannon Sullivan, RJ Brown, and Jordana Rose will also co-star.

Based on Rosenbaum’s off-Broadway play of the same name, the story takes place in a world overshadowed by fear. When a bombing happens, a single father and daughter retreat to their basement shelter, and are faced with the choice of which neighbors to let in their safe haven. Soon, conflicts arise from the ethnic diversity of the occupants. When the building above is bombed, the nine neighbors are trapped and must work together to survive the night… and each other. The pic is being produced by Subterranean Cinema.

Brian KrauseFilms - TV Series

Alyssa Milano kampt nog altijd met ’aanhoudende effecten’ op haar lichaam van haar strijd tegen het coronavirus begin april dit jaar. De actrice heeft maanden nadat ze hersteld is van het virus, nog steeds last van kortademigheid, hartkloppingen en haaruitval.

„Er zijn nog steeds aanhoudende effecten”, vertelde ze aan Yahoo! Entertainment. „Het voelt alsof ik nog steeds kortademig ben. Ik heb nog steeds hartkloppingen. Ik heb een hoge piep in mijn oor en mijn haar valt uit. ”

Eerder liet Milano al weten dat ze het gevoel had dat ze doodging en zich lange tijd hondsberoerd voelde. „Ik ben nog nooit zo ziek geweest. Alles deed pijn. Het was alsof er een olifant op mijn borstkas zat. Ik kon nauwelijks ademen en kon mijn eten niet binnenhouden. In twee weken viel ik 4 kilo af. Ik was compleet in de war en had koorts. De hoofdpijn was verschrikkelijk. Ik had alle symptomen van COVID-19.”

Ze dringt er dan ook op aan dat iedereen een mondkapje draagt en afstand houdt, zodat niemand hoeft mee te maken wat zij heeft meegemaakt. „Zorg alsjeblieft voor jezelf. Was je handen, draag een masker en houd afstand. (…) Ik wil dat je weet dat deze ziekte geen hoax is. Ik dacht dat ik doodging, zo voelde het.”

Alyssa Milano

Kaley heeft in een interview met Yahoo uit april laten weten hoe ze haar eerste werkdag op de set van ‘Charmed’. De hartelijke welkom van Alyssa Milano is haar altijd bijgebleven. In een ander deel van het interview praat ze ook over de serie ‘8 Simple Rules’ die dit jaar 15 jaar geleden verscheen en de inpakt van het overlijden van tv-vader Jason Ritter.

t’s never easy to be the new kid in class… especially when that class is the last season of a popular TV show. That’s the situation Kaley Cuoco found herself in the fall of 2005, when she stepped onto the set of The WB’s hit series, Charmed, to join regulars Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs for their eighth and final year. “I was very nervous,” the actress confesses to Yahoo Entertainment now. “I came into that in their final year, which is really hard to do. The girls are really set in their ways, and I was the new girl.” (Watch our video interview above.)

Cuoco’s Charmed gig came along mere months after the series finale of her ABC sitcom, 8 Simple Rules, where she co-starred opposite John Ritter up until his death in 2003. As novice witch, Billie Jenkins, the actress was intended to be something of a younger sibling for the magically inclined Halliwell sisters, played by Milano, McGowan and Combs. At the time, the actress was in her early 20s, and still learning the ropes of show business. “I didn’t have a glam squad back then,” she remembers.

She was keenly aware of her glam squad’s absence on her first day on Charmed, which started off with a photo shoot featuring her and her new co-stars. “I walked onto the stage where they were shooting Alyssa and Rose,” she recalls. “Alyssa came running up to me, gave me this huge hug and said, ‘Welcome to our show.’”

Milano’s gesture of kindness instantly made Cuoco feel at home, and set an example that she’s tried to live by ever since. “That was so important… she knew what that meant to me,” she says, visibly touched at the memory. “She may not even remember that moment, but I remember that forever.” After Charmed ended in 2006, Cuoco landed a career-transforming role on The Big Bang Theory, and is currently starring on the hit R-rated animated series Harley Quinn and preparing to launch the HBO Max limited series The Flight Attendant.

And in all of these projects, she’s made a point of being the person who helps the new kid on set adjust to their surroundings. “I know what it’s like when someone new comes on,” she says. “There’s people like [Alyssa] who really do mold your career and mold your path. So that was a really good moment.”

Kaley Cuoco

Poppy’s nieuwste film ‘Rising Hawk’ zal op 2 oktober verschijnen op verschillende Video On Demand platformen. De opnames vonden enkele maanden gelelden plaats in Oekraïne, daar won de film ook 3 awards tijdens de 2020 Ukrainian Academy Film Awards. In GB zal de film uitkomen onder de naam ‘Fall of a Kingdom’.

ndependent film distributor Shout! Studios has set an Oct. 2 home release date for the epic action movie The Rising Hawk.

The film, directed by John Wynn, will be available on VOD platforms and through digital retailers.

The Rising Hawk boasts an international cast that includes Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), Tommy Flanagan (“Sons of Anarchy”), Poppy Drayton (“The Shannara Chronicles”), Alex MacNicoll (“The Society,” which has just been canceled by Netflix due to the COVID-19 pandemic), Alison Doody (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), Tsegmid Tserenbold (“Marco Polo”), Rocky Myers (“Animal Kingdom”), and Oliver Trevena (“The Reckoning” miniseries).

The film is a collaboration between American and Ukrainian filmmakers. It was nominated for seven 2020 Ukrainian Academy Film Awards, winning three. An international team of filmmakers and actors were brought together from all over the world, including Ukraine, United States, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Germany, to film the movie.

The Rising Hawk takes place in a 13th Century Mongolian Empire following Zakhar Berkut (Robert Patrick) and his wife Rada (Alison Doody) as they lead a group of highlanders in the Carpathian Mountains. Unfortunately, their tranquil existence is soon threatened by Burunda Khan (Tsegmid Tserenbold), a powerful Mongolian general who leads his massive armies west in search of new lands to conquer.

Films - TV SeriesPoppy Drayton

Drew’s nieuwste film ‘Test Pattern’ is gekocht door een distributeur waardoor de kans groot is dat hij binnenkort voor het grote publiek uitkomt. De film was vorig jaar al te zien op verschillende film festivals.

Kino Lorber has taken North American rights to Shatara Michelle Ford’s Test Pattern.

The debut feature had its premiere at BlackStar Film Festival last year, where it won the Lionsgate/STARZ Producer Award, following which it also won the Narrative Features Jury Award at New Orleans Film Festival.

Pic follows an interracial couple whose relationship is put to the test after a Black woman is sexually assaulted and her white boyfriend drives her from hospital to hospital in search of a rape kit. It shot for just 21 days in Austin and Los Angeles. Producers were Pin-Chun Liu with Yu-Hao Su. Brittany S. Hall, Will Brill, Gail Bean and Drew Fuller star.

Kino Lorber will release in early 2021. The deal was negotiated by Kino Lorber SVP Wendy Lidell and producer Pin-Chun Liu.

Drew Fuller

Het coronavirus moet niet onderschat worden, vindt Alyssa Milano (47). De ‘Charmed’-actrice heeft al maandenlang last van het virus en hoewel ze zich nu beter voelt, duurt de nasleep van de besmetting lang. Op Instagram licht ze haar volgers in over de desastreuze gevolgen.

“Soms ben ik nog doodsbang”
Voor Alyssa duurt het allemaal wel erg lang. De Charmed-actrice onthulde laatst dat ze vier maanden lang rondliep met het coronavirus, maar telkens negatief testte. Uiteindelijk bleek ze het toch te hebben en de gevolgen ervan merkt ze nog altijd. ‘Ik ben oké’, laat ze weten op Instagram. ‘Ik merk dat ik het fysiek steeds beter trek. Ik neem nog altijd iedere drie dagen paracetamol om mijn bloed te verdunnen, visolie, vitamine D, C, zink en een B-complex.’

‘Ik heb nog regelmatig hartkloppingen’, gaat Alyssa verder. ‘Ik vergeet nog vaak woorden (wat echt het allerergste is). Maar het is al een stuk beter dan een paar weken geleden.’ De actrice vertelt dat ze een CT-scan heeft moeten laten maken van haar longen en een MRI van haar hart. Gelukkig is het allemaal weer in orde. ‘Soms ben ik nog doodsbang’, legt ze uit. ‘Niet dat ik zelf weer ziek wordt, maar dat mijn naasten de ziekte krijgen. Ik hoop dat ze het niet krijgen. Dit virus is vreselijk.’

Wie ook erg sceptisch is over het coronavirus, is Anouk. De zangeres vindt het zo eng, dat ze er alles aan doet om het niet te krijgen. Daarom is ze samen met The voice of Holland op zoek naar een manier om alsnog mee te kunnen doen als coach. In de video hieronder zie je er alles over.

Alyssa Milano

Er is een vervolg op de jarentachtigsitcom Who’s The Boss in de maak. Tony Danza (69) en Alyssa Milano (47), die in de serie te zien waren als vader en dochter, spelen volgens The Hollywood Reporter wederom de hoofdrollen.

Who’s The Boss was van 1984 tot en met 1992 te zien en draaide om weduwnaar en ex-honkballer Tony Micelli (Danza), die een baan als huishoudhulp nam in het gezin van carrièrevrouw Angela Bower (Judith Light). In het vervolg is Samantha Micelli (Milano) inmiddels een alleenstaande moeder en is haar vader met pensioen.

Het is nog niet bekend of Light en Danny Pintauro, die de zoon van Lights personage speelde, ook weer te zien zijn in de vervolgreeks. Actrice Katherine Helmond, die een bijrol had als de moeder van Angela Bower, overleed in 2019.

De laatste jaren wordt meerdere series uit de jaren tachtig en negentig nieuw leven ingeblazen. Zo is er op Netflix een vervolg op Full House te zien en werd onlangs bekend dat er een nieuwe versie van de sitcom The Wonder Years komt.

Who’s The Boss was in Nederland onder de titel De baas in huis te zien bij de VARA.

Alyssa MilanoFilms - TV Series

A podcast about the Power of Three could happen. Holly Marie Combs recently shared that a Charmed podcast isn’t out of the question. The star who played Piper Halliwell in The WB series for eight years said she’s giving a Charmed podcast some thought. Combs even revealed she spoke to her former co-star and fellow Halliwell sister Shannen Doherty about the possibility.

“I can’t believe how many kids have asked for that and I call them kids, but they’re like, 30, but because I’m so old that they are kids still,” she told Us Weekly in an interview published on Aug. 22. “I actually did talk to Shannen about it and she was like, ‘Alyssa [Milano] would probably love to do that with you!’ Maybe after the election, it would be good.”

Seeing as Combs already has one successful podcast about Pretty Little Liars, she’s definitely the right person to pursue a podcast about Piper, Paige (Rose McGowan), Phoebe (Milano), and Prue (Doherty) Halliwell. Her current PLL podcast is appropriately titled “Pretty Little Wine Moms,” and features her former costars, Lesley Fera and Nia Peeples. They rewatch episodes, chat with other actors from the show, and even have Zoom calls with fans.

A similar format for Charmed might work as well, or she could come up with a completely new format. Whatever the case, Combs isn’t ruling out the future potential project. Plus, when Drew Fuller, who played Piper’s son on Charmed, jokes that Combs won’t let him be a “wine mom,” a Charmed podcast sounds like the next best decision since Fuller could very much contribute.

Even with all of the recent “family drama” between McGowan and Milano, Combs continues to act like big sister Piper, proving she’s destined to keep the legacy of Charmed alive. For those unaware, after much heated back and forth between the two on Twitter beginning Aug. 21, McGowan alleged that Milano “made that set toxic AF.” Milano didn’t respond to McGowan’s Charmed claims directly, but a rep for the star told People, “Hurt people hurt people. Commenting any further doesn’t align with my wellness plan.”

As for Combs, she tweeted on Aug. 22, “I mean was there ever an episode where we all got along? No. No one would’ve watched that show. It’s ok. Call your siblings, parents and grandparents. Breathe deep thankfully. Life is short and just got shorter for many. That’s what Piper would’ve said. As she blew something up.”

Doherty also tweeted directly to the Charmed fans, “I just want to say…. thank you Charmed fans. No matter what’s happening just know you are appreciated and loved.”

Alyssa MilanoCharmed (Orginial)Drew FullerHolly Marie CombsShannen Doherty

De eerste afleveringstills van Kaley’s serie ‘The Fightattendant’ staan in de galerij.

Galerij Links:
http//: Seizoen 1: Afleveringstills

Films - TV SeriesKaley Cuoco

Greg heeft in juli laten weten te stoppen met de soap ‘General Hospital’, hij speelde 8 jaar lang de rol van Eric. Het is inmiddels bekend geworden dat zijn laatste aflevering in september zal worden uitgezonden.

Hope is gone at Days of Our Lives… and now the daytime vet who played Eric is, too.

Greg Vaughan is no longer a member of the long-running NBC soap opera’s cast, he announced in a podcast released Wednesday.

“I’ve finished my reign at Days,” Vaughan says in the July 22 episode of That’s Awesome! With Steve and Bradford, which is co-hosted by Vaughan’s former General Hospital co-stars Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson.

As TVLine exclusively reported in Nov. 2019, the entire Days cast was released from their contracts as a cost-cutting measure, three months before NBC renewed the soap for a 56th season. Vaughan referenced the incident during his chat.

“I’m taking a break, if you will. Days was going through a renewal negotiation and not knowing where they were going to go,” he said, adding that he felt his time on the daytime drama “was coming to an end, anyway.”

Vaughan has played Days‘ Eric Brady since 2012. He currently also plays Calvin on OWN’s Queen Sugar.

Earlier in July, Vaughan’s Days co-star Kristian Alfonso announced she was leaving the soap she’d worked on for nearly four decades. ” I will not be returning to Days when it resumes production in September,” she said via statement. “I’ve already filmed my last episode several months ago.”

Vaughan did not offer any information about his final airdate, but he did leave open the possibility of an eventual return. “For all my Days fans that are listening, I love you all,” he said. “It’s never over, so I’m not going to say it’s over.”

TVLine has reached out to Days of Our Lives for more information on Vaughan’s departure.

Greg Vaughan

De eerste beelden zijn verschenen van Kaley’s nieuwe serie ‘The Flight Attendant’. De serie zal deze herfst verschijnen op de Amerikaanse streamingsdienst HBO MAX, de precieze datum is nog niet bekend. In een update liet Kaley weten dat hoewel het een gelimiteerde serie zou zijn er gekeken kan worden naar een vervolg als hier vraag naar is. Er zijn ook al enkele stills verschenen deze hoop ik van de weet toe te kunnen voegen.

Films - TV SeriesKaley Cuoco

Getrouwde stelletjes gaan langzaamaan steeds meer op elkaar lijken, klinkt de mythe. En dat geldt zeker voor ‘The Big Bang Theory’-actrice Kaley Cuoco (34) en haar echtgenoot Karl Cook (29). Vooral met de mondkapjes die het koppel draagt.

“Dit is hilarisch”
In de Verenigde Staten blijven de Hollywoodsterren hun volgers op het hart drukken dat een mondkapje écht nodig is. Kaley en Karl besloten hier ook aan mee te doen, maar dan met een flinke dosis humor. De Big Bang Theory-actrice liet speciale maskertjes maken voor zichzelf en haar echtgenoot, waarbij hun onderste gezichtshelft erop geprint is. ‘We beginnen steeds meer op elkaar te lijken’, grapt Kaley op social media.

Kaley’s volgers op Instagram liggen in een deuk om de inventieve gezichtsbeschermers. ‘Dit heeft mijn hele week gemaakt’, reageert er eentje enthousiast. ‘Dit is hilarisch’, vindt een ander. ‘Fenomenaal’, meent een ander. Maar niet iedereen vindt het per se heel grappig. ‘Ik ga hier nachtmerries aan overhouden’, ‘Dit is angstaanjagend’ en ‘Ik kan nooit meer slapen’ laten een aantal achter.

Kaley Cuoco

Rose heeft de rechtzaak gewonnen die haar ex-advocaat Jose Baez tegen haar had aangespannen. Zo had ze enkele opmerkingen gemaakt over hem die zijn reputatie hadden geschaad. Dit deed Rose nadat hij enkele weken nadat hij haar had bijgestaan in haar rechtszaak tegen Harvey Weinstein, Harvey zelf ging vertegenwoordigen als advocaat, ze noemde hem toen een Rat Fucker. Ze vond dit een belangenverstrengeling. De rechter oordeelde dat haar opmerkingen haar persoonlijke mening waren en beschermen zijn in de grondwet van Amerika.

Rose heeft op instagram te laten weten blij te zijn met de winst en nog steeds het zelfde denkt over Jose Baez. In de post hierover gaat ze verder in over periode rondom de rechtzaak en de ‘spionage’ waar ze mee moest dealen vanuit het netwerk rondom Harvey Weinstein.

Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram

I WON! I beat a (in my opinion) super creep in court. He was suing me for defamation because I called him a Rat Fucker. Luckily, the judge could find no legal definition for the term Rat Fucker and was clearly not impressed by his double dealing. Jose Baez – the powerful lawyer who got Casey Anthony & Aaron Hernandez off- was representing me in my drug case that (in my very expert opinion) was orchestrated by the Monster We*nste*n. This (in my expert opinion) Rat Fucker lawyer disappeared off my case popping up days later representing the Monster in the NY rape trial. I knew I couldn’t trust anyone involved. There were no prints on the cocaine baggie that turned up in my missing wallet days later after it was stolen from my backpack on a plane on my way to a PUBLICIZED APPEARANCE. They got me on planes because I can’t use a fake name when flying. I was facing TEN YEARS on a felony charge in Virginia. TEN YEARS. This was during the period where EVERY PART OF MY LIFE was infiltrated by Israeli and British spies hired by the Monster on the recommendation of former Prime Minister Ehud Barak of Israel. This was the level of power after me. I had handcuffs on me BEFORE my rapist did. In my hideous mugshot, you can see the pain on my face. Monsters. All of them. So. I won. Hahaha. Eat much S*** Jose Baez, esq. and Rat Fucker, I beat you and I will continue to beat all of you. #law #framed #believe #BarronHarrisHealey

Een bericht gedeeld door Rose McGowan (@rosemcgowan) op

Rose McGowan

Alyssa heeft via instagram laten weten het corona-virus te hebben gehad in april. Ze was toen erg benauwd en heeft zichzelf tot 2x toe laten testen op het virus. Beide testen kwam toen negatief terug, nadat ze na 4 maanden toch nog verschillende klachten had heeft ze een bloedtest laten doen. Hieruit bleek dat ze antistoffen in haar bloed heeft voor het corona-virus wat erop wijst dat het eerder toch gehad heeft.

Met haar bericht wil ze voornamelijk laten weten dat de testen voor het virus niet altijd juist zijn en mensen waarschuwen dat het niet een gewoon griepje is.

Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram

This was me on April 2nd after being sick for 2 weeks. I had never been this kind of sick. Everything hurt. Loss of smell. It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t keep food in me. I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks. I was confused. Low grade fever. And the headaches were horrible. I basically had every Covid symptom. At the very end of march I took two covid19 tests and both were negative. I also took a covid antibody test (the finger prick test) after I was feeling a bit better. NEGATIVE. After living the last 4 months with lingering symptoms like, vertigo, stomach abnormalities, irregular periods, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, zero short term memory, and general malaise, I went and got an antibody test from a blood draw (not the finger prick) from a lab. I am POSITIVE for covid antibodies. I had Covid19. I just want you to be aware that our testing system is flawed and we don’t know the real numbers. I also want you to know, this illness is not a hoax. I thought I was dying. It felt like I was dying. I will be donating my plasma with hopes that I might save a life. Please take care of yourselves. Please wash your hands and wear a mask and social distance. I don’t want anyone to feel the way I felt. Be well. I love you all (well, maybe not the trolls. Just the kind people.)❤️

Een bericht gedeeld door Alyssa Milano (@milano_alyssa) op

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Alyssa Milano

Exclusive! Sarah Jeffery explains how the success of her Descendants 3 solo hit “Queen of Mean” led to new single “Even the Stars.”

Sarah Jeffery is striking while the iron is hot.

After a banner 2019 that saw “Queen of Mean,” her solo song from the hit Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants 3, reach No. 49 on the Billboard Hot 100—becoming the first solo track from a DCOM to chart that high since Camp Rock over a decade ago—she’s ready to go full pop star.

Known primarily for her acting work on shows like Shades of Blue and Charmed—where she currently stars as youngest witchy sister Maggie—Jeffery’s just released “Even the Stars,” her first single independent of a film project. And she has the success of the Descendants track, written and produced for her character Audrey by Rock Mafia, the prolific production duo comprised of Tim James and Antonina Armato, to thank for it.

“I’ve always been very passionate about music,” Jeffery told E! News exclusively on the eve of the tracks’ release. “I did musical theater as a kid growing up and, obviously with the Descendants films, that was a big part of it. And so it has always been, in my mind, that that’s something I wanted to pursue. But it actually kind of worked out perfectly. Rock Mafia, who wrote ‘Queen of Mean’ and wrote a surplus of songs for descendants and other DCOMs, they approached me and, [after] the success of ‘Queen of Mean,’ were like, ‘We would love to work with you again.’ And it just made sense to me.”

As Jeffery explained, Rock Mafia came to her with “eight or so songs” and asked her which ones resonated with her. She said that her connection to the inspiring pop of “Even the Stars” was immediate. “It has a strong message, I think, especially for the time we’re in right now,” she said, adding, “It’s just sort of talking about how there are dark times and light times and you can’t have the light without the dark—which I think is such an important reminder. And for myself, I’m very open about my struggle with mental health. And that’s another reason that I connected to the song…An important thing to keep in mind when you’re going through ups and downs in your own personal life is that you have to have dark times to sort of feel and see the light.”

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Sarah Jeffery