Lucy was vorige week aanwezig op het 2022 SXSW Conference and Festivals in Las Vegas voor de premiere van haar nieuwste film ‘Sissy’.

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Lucy heeft een interview met Entertainment Weekly gehad over haar nieuwe rol in ‘Charmed’

Even when magic is involved, history has a way of repeating itself.

The original Charmed notably replaced one of its original Charmed ones, Shannen Doherty’s Prue, with half-sister Paige (Rose McGowan) when Doherty exited the series at the end of season 3. Now, as the CW reboot of the witchy series enters its fourth season, it has a new Charmed one, too.

Replacing Madeleine Mantock’s Macy, who met a tragic end in the season 3 finale, Lucy Barrett joins the series as Kaela, which is short for Michaela, maintaining the “M” theme in the same way the original series did with “P” names.

The strange parallel between the series isn’t lost on Barrett. “It’s really cool,” she tells EW. “Everything is cyclical, and it is pretty full circle. There’s definitely some magic going on.”

Barrett’s first episode, Friday’s “Not That Girl,” introduced us to Kaela, her powers of manifesting (turning her drawings and art into physical objects), and her shadowy past, which includes being left on the doorstep of a fire station as a baby and a bout with cancer.

We called up Barrett to get all the details on assuming the mantle of the new “Charmed” one, how exactly Michaela’s powers work, and whether it’ll be smooth sailing for her to become the newest member of this trio.

Can you tell us a bit more about Michaela and what kind of person she is and some of her background?
Michaela is adopted. She has known that she’s adopted since she was a baby. She was left at a fire station in Philadelphia. She’s very, very close to her parents. But she’s had a hard life. She survived leukemia, and that in and of itself has a really cool connection to the story and how she came to be a Charmed one. But with all that she’s been through, she’s a very talented artist and she has channeled her trauma and her experiences into her artwork. Her magic is through her artwork, she’s able to conjure things. She can draw anything and manifest it. Whereas Macy was very together and really smart and academic, Kaela is the opposite of that. Kaela is artistic and messy and a little bit all over the place, but super lovable. Spontaneous. Full of energy. I think people are really going to enjoy her. I got to watch the first episode the other night. She just brings this tone to the show that’s so fun and refreshing.
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Ik heb enkele foto’s toegevoegd van actrice Lucy Barrett die in seizoen 4 de nieuwe ‘Charmed One’ gaat spelen.

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Actrice Lucy Barrett is gecast als de nieuwe ‘Charmed One’ in het vierde seizoen van ‘Charmed’. De Australische actrice is o.a. bekend van haar rol in de serie ‘Bloom’ en de soapserie ‘Neighbours’. Ook het plot voor het aankomende seizoen verschenen.

Mel en Maggie’s leven is veranderd na de dood van hun geliefde zus Macy. Maar hun rouw zorgt ervoor dat de Power Of 3 voor altijd verdwijnt, de verassende komst van een derde Charmed One geeft ze de kans om hun lot alsnog te vervullen. En dit komt op een niet betere tijd nu er een mysterieuze nieuwe vijand opduikt uit de schaduwen, die angst zaait in de elke hoek van de magische wereld. Wanneer deze vijand de Charmed Ones en hun bondgenoten Harry en Jordan steeds meer in zijn machtsspel krijgt is het de vraag of het nieuwe trio er klaar voor is wat er gaat komen.

Verdere details over Lucy’s personages zoals naam achtergrond, magische krachten en connectie met Mel & Maggie worden bewust nog niet gedeeld met fans. In een verklaring laten de showrunners weten dit dat ze hopen dat het zo leuker is voor de fans. Wel laten ze weten dat de nieuwe Charmed een kunstenaar is, met een wilde voorliefde voor het leven die een aparte kijk heeft op de wereld die haar help met haar kunst. Ze is aardig, oneerbiedig, impulsief en heeft een sterke mening die nieuwe energie geeft aan de ‘Charmed Ones’

The CW’s Charmed reboot has found its new “Charmed One”. Australian actress Lucy Barrett (Co-Ed) has joined Melonie Diaz, who plays Mel, and Sarah Jeffery (Maggie) as a lead in the upcoming fourth season of the series, from CBS Studios.

Barrett is succeeding Madeleine Mantock who played co-lead Macy for the first three seasons. The major on-screen change is accompanied by a behind-the-scenes transition heading into Season 4, with Jeffery Lieber, Nicki Renna and Joey Falco replacing Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro as new showrunners.

.Lieber, Renna and Falco are keeping mum on Barrett’s character.

“Her name, backstory, powers, and connection to Mel and Maggie are being kept under wraps, because…well…it’s just more fun that way,” they said in a statement. “What we will say is…she’s an artist, with a wild, unpredictable love for life and a one-of-a-kind view of the world that serves her well in her art, which is her life’s passion. She’s fun, irreverent, impulsive, strong-willed, and will bring a brand-new energy to the Power of Three.”

In season four of Charmed, Mel (Diaz) and Maggie (effery) find their lives transformed by the death of their beloved sister, Macy. But when their grief threatens to undo the Power of Three forever, the surprising arrival of a third Charmed One ( Barrett) gives them a renewed opportunity to fulfill their destinies.

And this couldn’t come at a better time, because a mysterious new enemy is rising in the shadows, instilling fear in every corner of the magical world. But as this new foe draws the Charmed Ones and their allies Harry (Rupert Evans) and Jordan (Jordan Donica) deeper into a twisted game, the question is — will this new trio be ready for what’s to come? Or will their inexperience working together put the entire world in jeopardy?

Based on the original series, Charmed is from CBS Television Studios in association with Propagate Content, with executive producers Lieber, Renna and Falco, Kevin Dowling, Jennie Snyder Urman, Ben Silverman , Brad Silberling, Howard Owens, Kruger and Shapiro.

Barrett is probably best known for her leading role on the Web series Co-Ed, produced by The Duplass Brothers, and will next be seen in the features Black Site, opposite Jason Clarke & Michelle Monaghan, and Sissy. Like many Australian stars, Barrett came through the country’s venerable soap Neighbours. Her additional credits include series Bloom and the revival of the police drama Halifax Retribution. Barrett is repped by AKA Talent Agency and Active Artists Management.