When Jordan Donica was about 9 or 10, his aunt took him to New York City with a mission: Get the notion of making it on Broadway out of his system. Thankfully, that mission failed spectacularly.

“It was raining and I was dancing through the streets of Times Square, loving every second of it. My aunt had to tell me to slow down,” he recalls, now happily a New Yorker. “The thing that I love the most is here, at its height — the core where everything explodes out from.”

With determination and talent, Donica still hasn’t slowed down, earning his first Tony Award nomination for playing the hunky, gallant knight Sir Lancelot in a gorgeous Lincoln Center Theater revival of the classic musical “Camelot.”

“I’m just thankful and it just makes me want to do the work even more. Really. That was the first thought I had was, ‘I’m excited to get back to work,’” he says.
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Hierbij de nieuwste afleveringen van de podcast door Brian, Drew en Holly. In de laatste aflevering is aangekondigd dat zowel Rose als Holly toegezegd hebben om deel te nemen aan een aflevering. Elke en wanneer deze uitkomst is nog niet bekend.

Kaley is te zien in de nieuwe serie ‘Based on a True Story’ voor steamingsdienst Peacock.

A realtor, a former tennis star, and a plumber seize a unique opportunity to capitalize on America’s obsession with true crime.

Sarah Jeffery has taken on villains, monsters, and for her latest role she’s up against nightmares with the animated series, Lego Dreamzzz.

The imaginative series follows school friends, with Jeffery as Zoey, as they enter the Dream World together, only to find that the nightmares there, and the Nightmare King, have followed them into the waking world.

The series is magical, with a bit of heart, and a great sense of humour. “The show is larger than life and imaginative,” Jeffery said, and playing Zoey is “so much fun.”

“They told me that she is pretty tough and the cool kid at school, or too cool for school, and that was really fun for me because I tend to play a lot of happy-go-lucky characters–and I’m kind of myself more happy-go-lucky–so getting to dig into my bolder side and play with the attitude was really fun.”

Like most kids, Jeffery was a big fan of Lego when she was growing up, so she really enjoyed getting the chance to play in this world.

“I have always loved playing with Lego sets and Lego bricks, and I had [lots of] Lego as a kid, and it was so great because you could… make whatever you wanted and build your own world, and that’s kind of what we’re doing with the show.”

Some of the Lego Dreamzzz sets even come with a Zoey Minifigure, so she’s excited to see character in person one of these days.

Lego Dreamzzz is also unique, because it’s streaming on a number of services, so anyone can find it. You can find the series streaming now on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Tubi, Pluto TV, and YouTube.

During her impressive career already, the Canadian actress, singer, and dancer has worked on Disney’s Descendants films, the series Shades of Blue, and the Charmed reboot. Coming soon, and for a more mature audience, Jeffery also worked with Tyler Perry for his drama, Six Triple Eight, about the real-life all-Black and all-female battalion who served during World War II.

Watch the full interview with Sarah Jeffery at the top of the story for everything she had to say about Lego Dreamzzz, her upcoming work, her amazing fans, and how she keeps social media healthy.

Vorige maand is de trailer van Sarah’s nieuwste film ‘Year of the Fox’ verschenen.

Bij Shannen Doherty, bekend van onder meer de serie Charmed, is de borstkanker uitgezaaid naar haar hersenen. De 52-jarige actrice deelt op Instagram een video waarin ze bestraald wordt.
Doherty schrijft dat ze in januari met de bestralingen is begonnen. “Natuurlijk ben ik erg bang. Ik ben claustrofobisch (de bestralingen vinden plaats in een smal apparaat, red.) en er gebeurt ontzettend veel in mijn leven.”

De kankerdiagnose was voor de Charmed-actrice een van de redenen om in de film Breast Cancer Bucket List (2021) te gaan spelen. Voor die film en de Breast Cancer Research Foundation werkt de actrice ook nog aan andere projecten.

Sinds haar diagnose in 2015 heeft Doherty op sociale media openlijk over haar ziekte verteld. In 2017 kreeg ze te horen dat er geen sporen van kanker meer in haar lichaam te vinden waren en dat ze in remissie was. Twee jaar later bleek de ziekte toch te zijn teruggekeerd.

Shannen Doherty heeft de scheiding aangevraagd na elf jaar huwelijk. “Het is het laatste wat ze wilde, maar helaas voelde ze dat ze geen andere optie had”, aldus haar vertegenwoordiger Leslie Sloane aan

“De enige mensen die het verdienen om in je leven te zijn, zijn degenen die je met liefde, vriendelijkheid en totaal respect behandelen”, schreef de Charmed-actrice op 21 april op Instagram. Het is niet duidelijk of de actrice verwees naar haar relatiebreuk maar Doherty’s vriendin Sarah Michelle Gellar gaf als commentaar: “Ik denk dat je dan voor altijd in mijn leven bent.”

In 2011 trouwden Doherty en Kurt Iswarienko. Vier jaar later hoorde de ster dat ze borstkanker had, in 2017 ging ze in remissie. Maar begin 2020 kondigde Doherty aan dat de kanker was teruggekeerd, deze keer ging het om een stadium 4 kanker.

“Mijn man zegt dat je nooit zou weten dat ik kanker heb,” zei Doherty in een interview met People in 2021. “Ik klaag nooit echt. Ik praat er niet echt over. Het hoort op dit moment bij het leven.”

De “Heathers” ster was eerder getrouwd met Ashley Hamilton van 1993 tot 1994, en Rick Salomon van 2002 tot 2003. Doherty en Iswarienko hebben geen kinderen samen.

Ahead of its world premiere this spring, Maggie O’Farrell’s Hamnet will transfer to the West End. Hamnet begins previews at the Garrick Theatre on 30 September, with an opening night on 12 October, and performances to 20 Jan. 2024.

Set in 1580s Warwickshire, Hamnet follows Agnes Hathaway who meets William Shakespeare. When the plague forces Shakespeare and his wife to lose their only son, a person’s loss gives birth to a new life.

“The motivation, for me, in writing the novel was to give a voice and a presence to the only son of William Shakespeare, who died when he was eleven and has ever since been relegated to a literary footnote in his father’s biography,” said O’Farrell.

“Although Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon and maintained strong ties with the town throughout his life, choosing to return to his family there when he retired, London was of course the centre of his professional life. It feels particularly apt and moving, therefore, that a play which puts Hamnet centre stage will now move to the world of theatrical London.”

Lolita Chakrabarati adapts Hamnet. She previously adapted Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, winning Best New Play at the 2022 Olivier Awards.

Madeleine Mantock will play Agnes Hathaway, with further casting to be announced. Erica Whyman directs, with set and costume Design by Tom Piper, lighting design by Prema Mehta, sound design by Xana, music by Oğuz Kaplangi, and movement by Ayse Tashkiran.

Hamnet is at the Garrick Theatre.

De cast van ‘Charmed’ waaronder Brian, Dorian, Drew, Holly, Rose en Shannen waren afgelopen weekend aanwezig bij 90’s Con. Vele foto’s hiervan staan in de galerij.

Galerij Links:
http//: 18-19 maart: 90’s Con

Het is enkele weken geleden bekend geworden dat Madeleine de rol van Agnes Hathaway zal spelen in het theatherstuk naar het boek ‘Hamnet’.

Madeleine Mantock (“Charmed”) will make her Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) debut with “Hamnet,” the stage adaptation of Maggie O’Farrell’s bestselling novel.

Set in 1582, “Hamnet” follows Agnes Hathaway, a natural healer who meets the Latin tutor, William Shakespeare and they create a life together and make a family. As Shakespeare moves to London to discover his place in the world of theater, Hathaway stays at home to raise their three children. When the plague steals 11-year-old Hamnet from his loving parents, they must each confront their loss alone. And yet, out of the greatest suffering, something of extraordinary wonder is born.

Mantock will play Hathaway with Tom Varey playing Shakespeare, also making his RSC debut. The cast also includes Peter Wight, Sarah Belcher, Will Brown, Haydn Burke, Ajani Cabey, Faye Campbell, Frankie Hastings, Karl Haynes, Alex Jarrett, Hannah McPake, Rose Riley, Elizabeth Rider, Harmony Rose-Bremner and Obioma Ugoala.

“Hamnet,” produced by the RSC and Neal Street Productions, in association with Hera Pictures, is adapted by Lolita Chakrabarti (“Life of Pi”) and directed by RSC acting artistic director Erica Whyman.

The production will feature set and costume design by Tom Piper, lighting by Prema Mehta, sound by Xana, music by Oğuz Kaplangi, casting by Amy Ball CDG, movement by Ayse Tashkiran and fights by Kate Waters.

Chakrabarti said: “Writing this play was made even more challenging due to the huge impact Maggie O’Farrell’s novel has had. Every reader seems to have a very personal relationship to this story. Shakespeare is studied, examined and lauded across the world and at times, it has felt presumptuous of me to add my own flavor to this iconic man. When I began researching 16th century Stratford and London I was instantly drawn to the diversity in England at that time. It no longer surprises me that there were all kinds of people here. That is how the world works – immigration has always been a reality and as expected, many of those people integrated into British society.

There are limited facts about Agnes/Anne Hathaway but I love playing with history and fiction and moulding them together so that one informs the other. It is a great privilege to look at the Shakespeares through my detailed research and personal lens. This woman behind the playwright is a fascinating character and after studying Maggie’s book, it is clear to me now that her son was the inspiration for one of our greatest pieces of English literature.”

“Hamnet” has sold over a 1.5 million copies worldwide and was named both Waterstones Book of the Year and winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award in 2020. O’Farrell named the winner of the 2020 Women’s Prize for Fiction.

The theater adaptation will have its world premiere in the newly restored Swan theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon in April, marking the re-opening of the venue for the first time in over three years following the pandemic and a period of major refurbishment which began in Jan. 2022.

Elsewhere, the cast for Jack Thorne’s new play, “The Motive and the Cue,” directed by Sam Mendes, is now complete. The play, opening at London’s Lyttelton Theatre on April 20, is inspired by the making of Richard Burton and John Gielgud’s “Hamlet.” Janie Dee (“Follies”) will play Eileen Hurlie, joining Johnny Flynn as Richard Burton, Mark Gatiss as John Gielgud and Tuppence Middleton as Elizabeth Taylor.

The cast also includes Aaron Anthony, Tom Babbage, Allan Corduner, Elena Delia, Ryan Ellsworth, Phoebe Horn, Aysha Kala, Luke Norris, Huw Parmenter, David Ricardo-Pearce, David Tarkenter, Kate Tydman, Laurence Ubong Williams and Michael Walters.

In the play, Burton, newly married to Taylor, is to play the title in an experimental new production of “Hamlet” under Gielgud’s exacting direction. But as rehearsals progress, two ages of theater collide and the collaboration between actor and director soon threatens to unravel. It is inspired by “Letters from an Actor” by William Redfield and “John Gielgud Directs Richard Burton in ‘Hamlet’” by Richard L. Sterne.

“The Motive and the Cue” was originally commissioned by Neal Street Productions and has been developed and co-produced by the National Theatre and Neal Street Productions.

Het volledige eerste seizoen van ‘Charmed’ is besproken door Holly, Brian en Drew. Vandaag is de eerste aflevering van seizoen 2 besproken en niemand minder dan buurman Dan aka Greg Vaughn was te gast

With a revised book by Aaron Sorkin, the actor says that the upcoming Broadway production feels like a new musical, rather than a revival.

Four years ago, director Bartlett Sher asked Jordan Donica to star in a one-night-only gala performance of Lerner and Loewe’s Camelot at Lincoln Center Theater. Ever since, he’s been digging into the character of the dashing Lancelot and will soon turn all his preparation to action in the upcoming revival of the musical at the Vivian Beaumont Theater.

Donica previously graced the Broadway stage as Raoul in The Phantom of the Opera and Freddy Eynsford-Hill in the 2018 production of My Fair Lady; on regional stages, he’s starred as Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette in the Angelica tour of Hamilton. As the actor realized mid-conversation, “I’ve played a lot of French people.” It’s one of a few coincidences for Donica, who returns to the Vivian Beaumont for his second Lerner and Loewe musical there.
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De afgelopen weken hebben Brian, Drew en Holly wekelijks een aflevering van hun ‘Charmed’ rewatch podcast ‘House Of Halliwel’ geüpload. Inmiddels hebben ze ook een Patreon website, hier kan je een abonnement afsluiten waarbij je eerder toegang krijgt tot de afleveringen en daarnaast ook exclusieve afleveringen kan beluisteren.

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Kerry Washington, Oprah Winfrey and Sam Waterston are toplining Tyler Perry’s Six Triple Eight, the prolific director’s fourth film for Netflix.

Washington will also executive produce the film about the true story of the only all-black, all-female World War II battalion that proved key to the American war effort. The ensemble cast in the film, which has begun production, includes Ebony Obsidian, Milauna Jackson, Kylie Jefferson, Shanice Shantay, Sarah Jeffery, Pepi Sonuga and Jay Reeves.

Perry and his team also cast Jeanté Godlock, Moriah Brown, Baadja-Lyne Odums, Gregg Sulkin, Dean Norris and Susan Sarandon. Perry wrote the script for Six Triple Eight, which his based on an article by Kevin M. Hymel for WWII History magazine.

He will also produce the film alongside Nicole Avant, Keri Selig, Angi Bones, Carlota Espinosa and Tony Strickland, while Peter Guber will also executive produce.

Six Triple Eight recalls 855 women who joined the war effort with little knowledge of what exactly they would be doing, but were quickly given the mission to sort through and fix a three-year backlog of undelivered mail.

Their herculean task was done as the women faced discrimination, an unfamiliar land and a war-torn country as they sorted over 17 million pieces of mail, reconnecting American soldiers with their families and loved ones back home.

The story of the 6888th Postal Directory Battalion, until now kept out of history books, was restored on March 14th, 2022 when U.S. President Joe Biden signed a bill for the women to receive the Congressional Gold Medal, Congress’ highest honor.

Six Triple Eight will mark Perry’s latest film he directed for Netflix after A Fall From Grace, A Madea Homecoming, and A Jazzman’s Blues. Perry, WME and Johnson Shapiro recently inked a four-picture deal with Amazon Studios.

Washington is repped by CAA, Washington Square Arts, The Lede Company and Hansen Jacobsen.