Holly heeft tijdens een conventie laten weten dat er van haar verwacht werd dat ze een push-up BH zou dragen omdat haar decolleté niet groot genoeg zijn zijn in vergelijking met haar co-ster. Iets wat ze pertinent geweigerd heeft op te doen en daardoor zelf vaak geen BH aan had tijdens scenes.

“They wanted me to wear a big, padded push-up bra and I was like, ‘no,'” Holly Marie Combs said at the first-ever 90s Con on Saturday

Holly Marie Combs took a major stand while working on Charmed. During the show’s 90s Con panel on Saturday, Combs revealed she often didn’t wear a bra on set — but there’s a reason for that.

“They tried to be gentle about it, but … the messages would come down through the ranks. And then there would be, you know, that unfortunate person who had to deliver the message to you,” Combs, 48, recalled. “Usually, it was down to wardrobe. They were, like, setting these different bras in my dressing room and I was like, ‘Those belong to somebody else.’ ”

“They wanted me to wear a big, padded push-up bra and I was like, ‘no,’ hence why there are so many scenes of me not wearing a bra whatsoever,” she continued. “Which I apologize for but at the moment, at the time, it was very important.”

The panel’s host, Christy Carlson Romano, asked whether they provided an “alternative option” for her, but Combs replied: “No, nothing.” Comparing herself to her costars Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan, Combs explained that “their boobs was [sic] enough” and “not everybody needed to have” a push-up bra.

Charmed ran for eight seasons on The WB from 1998 to 2006. Created by Constance M. Burge, the series followed three sisters as they discover they are witches and ultimately choose to use their powers to fight evil forces.

Elsewhere in Saturday’s panel, Combs opened up about her frustrations with her character Piper.

“She became really exhausting around like season five, and so she mellowed out more by design and my needs … But she was growing,” she said. “She needed to mellow. Like literally, I just look at so many scenes where I’m, like, crying about [my costar] Brian [Krause’s character] again. Crying about Brian, that was my job.”

Combs also provided a hilarious tidbit about fellow series alum Shannen Doherty, who only appeared on the first three seasons before McGowan, 48, came on board. According to Combs, the 50-year-old Beverly Hills, 90210 alum was the biggest “pranker” on set.

“She did bad things and she messed with the wrong department. She messed with the transpo department,” Combs revealed.

“They actually put a fake winning lotto ticket in her trailer. Yeah, they had a war,” she said, explaining how Doherty often bought lottery tickets. “They, like, shook her trailer and made her think it was an earthquake. It got ugly. She did, like, bad toilet things, she did, like, silly spray things in cars and she took a golf cart many, many, many, many times and she would just leave.”

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