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A podcast about the Power of Three could happen. Holly Marie Combs recently shared that a Charmed podcast isn’t out of the question. The star who played Piper Halliwell in The WB series for eight years said she’s giving a Charmed podcast some thought. Combs even revealed she spoke to her former co-star and fellow Halliwell sister Shannen Doherty about the possibility.

“I can’t believe how many kids have asked for that and I call them kids, but they’re like, 30, but because I’m so old that they are kids still,” she told Us Weekly in an interview published on Aug. 22. “I actually did talk to Shannen about it and she was like, ‘Alyssa [Milano] would probably love to do that with you!’ Maybe after the election, it would be good.”

Seeing as Combs already has one successful podcast about Pretty Little Liars, she’s definitely the right person to pursue a podcast about Piper, Paige (Rose McGowan), Phoebe (Milano), and Prue (Doherty) Halliwell. Her current PLL podcast is appropriately titled “Pretty Little Wine Moms,” and features her former costars, Lesley Fera and Nia Peeples. They rewatch episodes, chat with other actors from the show, and even have Zoom calls with fans.

A similar format for Charmed might work as well, or she could come up with a completely new format. Whatever the case, Combs isn’t ruling out the future potential project. Plus, when Drew Fuller, who played Piper’s son on Charmed, jokes that Combs won’t let him be a “wine mom,” a Charmed podcast sounds like the next best decision since Fuller could very much contribute.

Even with all of the recent “family drama” between McGowan and Milano, Combs continues to act like big sister Piper, proving she’s destined to keep the legacy of Charmed alive. For those unaware, after much heated back and forth between the two on Twitter beginning Aug. 21, McGowan alleged that Milano “made that set toxic AF.” Milano didn’t respond to McGowan’s Charmed claims directly, but a rep for the star told People, “Hurt people hurt people. Commenting any further doesn’t align with my wellness plan.”

As for Combs, she tweeted on Aug. 22, “I mean was there ever an episode where we all got along? No. No one would’ve watched that show. It’s ok. Call your siblings, parents and grandparents. Breathe deep thankfully. Life is short and just got shorter for many. That’s what Piper would’ve said. As she blew something up.”

Doherty also tweeted directly to the Charmed fans, “I just want to say…. thank you Charmed fans. No matter what’s happening just know you are appreciated and loved.”

Alyssa MilanoCharmed (Orginial)Drew FullerHolly Marie CombsShannen Doherty

Rose en Holly waren afgelopen week samen op instagram live, ze praatte over toekomstige rollen en de mogelijkheid van een ‘Charmed’ film.

Charmed (Orginial)Holly Marie CombsRose McGowan

Goed nieuws voor fans van de orginele reeks!

Liefhebbers van de heksenserie Charmed kunnen deze zomer hun hart ophalen: vanaf 30 augustus zijn alle acht seizoenen te zien op Videoland, zo maakte de streamingdienst bekend.

Charmed vertelt het verhaal van drie zussen, Piper (Holly Marie Combs), Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) en Prue Halliwell (Shannen Doherty). Na het vinden van het ‘Book of Shadows’ komen de meiden erachter dat ze eigenlijk heksen zijn. Later wordt ook zusje Paige aan de familie toegevoegd. De vier dames moeten in de serie tegen slechte geesten en demonen vechten.

De reeks was van 1998 tot 2006 te zien. In 2018 volgde er een reboot van de serie, die ook op Videoland te zien is.

Charmed (Orginial)

De orginele ‘Charmed’ serie zal te zien zijn op de nieuwe Amerikaanse streamingsdienst Peacock na een deal met NBCUniversal en ViacomCBS. De streamingsdienst lanceert op 15 juli in Amerika.

Charmed (Orginial)

Brian, Drew, Holly en Rose waren afgelopen dinsdag aanwezig op een virtuele panel van de Wizard World Conventies. Aankomende weekend staan nog enkele panel met hen alleen gepland, waarvoor tickets gekocht kunnen worden. Klik hier voor meer informatie en ticketprijzen daarover.

AppereancesBrian KrauseCharmed (Orginial)Drew FullerHolly Marie CombsRose McGowan

Supa-Star Holly Marie Combs brought the magic to Supanova in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast, this past March, with fans ecstatic to see the Charmed actor alongside co-star Brian Krause once more.

Unsurprisingly, there was a LOT of fan questions during her visits – some that resulted in surprising answers. Here are a few highlights from Holly Marie Combs’ Gold Coast panel.

“The people, for sure. They’re a friendly, enthusiastic bunch. I have a lot of favourite countries, but [Australia] is definitely up there. I love Switzerland too, but it doesn’t have an ocean, so you guys kind of win.”

“The old people like Charmed – I’m one of the old people, don’t be offended – and the younger generation kind of drifted towards the madness and craziness of Pretty Little Liars.”

“My favourite spell in Charmed was the truth spell. That was super funny but super important. There’s nothin’ I like less than a liar. Then I did [Pretty Little Liars] for seven years.”

“I was so nervous filming [Picket Fences], because I felt so green and young, and I was surrounded by all these really good movie actors. I was just waiting for the day where they found out that I didn’t belong there and that I would get fired.”

“I was not the first person that they called, but by the time they did call me they said, ‘Listen, we know you may not want to do this, because a lot of people said that they don’t want to make fun of themselves.’ I was like, ‘I don’t care – let’s go! Tell me where and when.’ And then Brad Pitt called me Holly and I was like, ‘This is weird.’”

“We sort of had a hand in how our characters ended up. The girls and I went into my trailer and we sort of mapped out the way we wanted our characters to end up and with how many children. It was nice to be able to wrap it up that way because on most shows you do not get the opportunity, or even have the time to do it properly… I haven’t seen it, because I do this weird thing where I don’t watch finales – I can’t explain it, it’s just one of my weird things.”

“Love scenes with [Brian] were super awkward. I would stress about it for like a week, like, ‘Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Really? Really? Really? Really?’ Because we were buddies and we are still buddies.”

“I never anticipated while I was doing [Charmed] that it would be as far-reaching, but I’m glad all the crazy dedication that I put into it is not just impactful but long-lasting.”

“Alyssa [Milano] and I talked about it when we did that episode of Grey’s Anatomy and she felt at the time that it would be better to do it as a series of movies, maybe two or three a year. I was like, ‘We’re gonna be really old by the time we’re done with that.’”

“Brian! Leo was always the fourth sister, before we had a fourth sister. He gossips more than anyone.”

Charmed (Orginial)Holly Marie Combs

If you ask any Charmed fan what they know about what went on during the filming of the show, many of them will refer to the fact that it was reported that Shannen Doherty could be something of a diva. However, in a recent interview with Pedestrian, Brian Krause who played Leo, has downplayed how much of a drama this did actually cause on set. Krause has said that Doherty was always very driven about her work, and that sometimes she could come across as quite abrupt. However, he also said that there was no one else on the set that worked as hard as she did. She would also stick up for anyone of her co-stars if she felt it was needed. He described her as one of the family and said that all the cast and crew were devastated when she left. They all wondered whether the show would be able to go on without her. Ultimately, Rose McGowan was cast as a half sister that the family were unaware of, and the show ran for another five seasons.

When Doherty departed the show at the end of season three, it was rumored that she was fired. There were reports of a feud between her and co-star Alyssa Milano. The popular theory at the time was that Milano had given the producers an ultimatum that if Doherty wasn’t fired, then she would leave. However, this does not seem to be the way that Krause remembers it. There has never been any official confirmation as to why Doherty decided to leave the show, and according to Krause it was a surprise to everyone that worked on the show.

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Alyssa MilanoBrian KrauseCharmed (Orginial)Holly Marie CombsShannen Doherty

Good news, “Charmed” fans: If the cast were to do a reunion movie at Netflix — something Alyssa Milano recently said she’s been talking about with former co-star Holly Marie Combs — Julian McMahon “would love” to reprise his role as Cole Turner/Balthazar.

“Well, if they brought in the character Balthazar, I don’t think you’d want anybody else to play him, that’s for sure,” the “FBI: Most Wanted” star told TheWrap, following a panel for the new CBS series during the Television Critics Association press tour Sunday.

“Yeah, I would love to,” he continued. “I had such a great time on that show. I mean, I came on that show, I think it was six episodes I was meant to be on the show and I stayed for three years. So that’s how much I enjoyed it. So yeah, for sure. And I think it was the 150th episode I went back for? Oh, I’d do that in a heartbeat.”

Talk of a “Charmed” Netflix movie began back in October, when Milano brought up the potential project during an interview with Access Daily.

“I mean, Holly and I talk about ‘Charmed’ movies a lot, you know. Because they have the new ‘Charmed,’ which is on The CW, and it’s a very different storyline…” Milano said.

“But we have been talking about maybe doing some films for Netflix,” she added. “And so I think that would be really fun, and I think it’s a great way to celebrate our fans that have stuck with us for such a long time but still give it new blood.”

Representatives for CBS TV Studios, which has the rights to the show, and Netflix did not respond to TheWrap’s request for comment at the time.

“Charmed” ran for eight seasons from 1998-2006 on The WB and later on The CW. Milano and Combs starred on the magical drama as sisters Phoebe and Piper Halliwell, respectively, with Shannen Doherty playing their eldest sister, Prue, on Seasons 1-3. Rose McGowan took over as the third lead in Season 4, cast in the role of Paige, their half-sister.

McMahon joined the series in Season 3 as Phoebe’s love interest, the half-demon, half-human Cole Turner/Balthazar.

Charmed (Orginial)Julian McMahon

Tijdens de German Comic-Con enkele weken geleden heeft Drew in een interview uitgelegd waarom er eigenlijk nooit een spin-off kwam van ‘Charmed’ over broers Chris en Wyatt

Charmed (Orginial)Drew Fuller

Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs made “Charmed” fans’ dreams come true when they guest starred as two sisters on an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” earlier this month. The special “Cast From the Past Week” installment of the popular ABC medical drama reignited the reunion conversation among those viewers longing for the Power of Three to set them free.

And Milano isn’t shooting down the possibility.

“I mean, Holly and I talk about ‘Charmed’ movies a lot, you know,” the “Insatiable” star told Access Daily hosts Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover. “Because they have the new ‘Charmed,’ which is on The CW, and it’s a very different storyline…”

Here’s where Hoover interjects to say The CW’s reboot, which is currently in its second season and produced by CBS TV Studios (the studio with the rights to “Charmed”), is “not the same” and Milano agrees: “It’s a different show and it felt like they were trying to capitalize off the name but not continuing on the storyline or the legacy. So it was tough.”

“But we have been talking about maybe doing some films for Netflix,” she added. “And so I think that would be really fun and I think it’s a great way to celebrate our fans that have stuck with us for such a long time but still give it new blood.”

Representatives for Netflix and CBS TV Studios did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

Alyssa says that when she reunited with Holly for the “Grey’s” episode they “did not miss a beat.”

“It was like we were at work yesterday doing ‘Charmed,’” she said.

In reality, it’s been 12 years since we said goodbye to the series, which ran for eight seasons from 1998-2006 on The WB and later The CW. Milano and Combs starred on the magical drama as sisters Phoebe and Piper Halliwell, with Shannen Doherty playing their eldest sister, Prue, on Seasons 1-3 and Rose McGowan taking over as the third lead in Season 4, cast in the role of Paige, their half-sister.

“We had so much fun,” Milano says, looking back on “Charmed.” “I mean, you don’t take yourself too seriously on that show because we were battling demons every day in ridiculous costumes, you know what I mean?”

Alyssa MilanoCharmed (Orginial)Holly Marie Combs

Holly is van mening dat ‘Charmed’ fans niet boos zullen zijn omdat ze niet het gehele weekend van Wizard World Chigago aanwezig kan zijn door werk. Fans denken nu dat dit mogelijk te maken heeft met een mogelijk reboot….. er is echter nog niets bevestigd dat haar andere verplichtingen hiermee te maken hebben.

“Charmed fans… you will not be mad.”
This weekend, Holly Marie-Combs will be attending Wizard World Sacramento in Chicago alongside her Charmed co-star – and on-screen love interest – Brian Krause to celebrate the legacy of the iconic fantasy series.

Although the event spans three days (September 20-22), Combs told fans on social media that she will only be available on the Friday and Saturday due to work commitments, saying: “Charmed fans… you will not be mad at it. Like at all.”

Combs’ message has led to fans speculating whether Charmed will be receiving a reunion or comeback in some form, with one writing on Twitter: “What?!? Is there a Charmed movie in the works?!?”

“All Charmed fans wondering and waiting to see if it’s something #Charmed related,” said another. “Have you all ever considered having a Charmed reunion? I would love to at least see you all together.”

One fan asked whether Combs would be making a special guest appearance on the Charmed reboot – which aired on The CW last year (it has been renewed for a second season) to which she simply responded: “No.”

A reunion is unlikely; since the show ended in 2006, the original cast members, Combs, Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan, haven’t had a sisterhood as strong as their on-screen counterparts.

However last year, when the American actress – who played Piper Halliwell for its entire eight season run – was asked if a ninth season with the cast was possible, she replied: “A whole season? I don’t know if a whole season, but maybe something.”

When asked by a fan if a movie was possible, she said: “Possibly. I say never say never.” Brian – who played Leo Wyatt on the series – agreed with Holly and claimed it’s “possible”.

Airing for eight seasons from 1998-2006, the series focused on the most powerful witches in the world who use their combined “Power of Three” to vanquish demons, warlocks, all evil-dwellers, etc.

At 178 episodes, the show became the longest running hour-long television series featuring all female leads (until it was surpassed by Desperate Housewives in 2012) and the second-longest drama broadcast by The WB network.

The show developed a cult following, and is often described by critics as one of the most influential television shows of all time.

Because of its critical acclaim (and because it was the second most streamed show of 2012, six years after the finale), Charmed received a reboot by The CW, which aired its first episode on 14 October 2018.

Charmed (Orginial)Holly Marie Combs

Op 1 oktober zal het eerste seizoen van ‘Charmed’ verschijnen op DVD in Amerika, er is nog niets bekend over een eventuele release in Nederland. De serie is hier te streamen via Videoland.

Charmed (2018)MerchandiseSeizoen 1

Acteur Billy Drago, vooral bekend van zijn rol in ‘The Untouchables’, is maandag op 73-jarige leeftijd overleden aan de gevolgen van een beroerte. Dat melden verschillende Amerikaanse media donderdag.

Drago speelde in zijn carrière in meer dan honderd films mee. Hij kreeg voornamelijk schurkenrollen toebedeeld. In gangsterfilm ‘The Untouchables’ uit 1987 was hij te zien als Al Capones handlanger Frank Nitti. Ook was de karakteracteur te zien in films als ‘Pale Rider’, ‘Cutter’s Way’, ‘No Other Love’ en ‘Windwalker’. Op tv was hij in meerdere afleveringen van ‘Charmed’ te zien als de demon Barbas. Hij speelde ook mee in de videoclip van Michael Jacksons ‘You Rock My World’ uit 2001.

Charmed (Orginial)

De boeken ‘The War on Witches‘ & ‘Let Gorgons be Gorgons‘ van schrijver Paul Ruditis komen uit in paperback versie op 9 april. Beide boeken komen in het engels uit en zijn al te bestellen bij bol.com. Beide zijn al in 2016 uitgegeven als e-book, maar nu komt er dus een papieren versie, schrijver Paul Ruditis schreef eerder ook al mee met enkele stripboeken gebaseerd op ‘Charmed’.

Daarnaast komt er ook nog een nieuw ‘Charmed’ boek door schrijver Pat Shand genaamd ‘Social Medium’, deze zou uitkomen op 24 september 2019 maar is nog niet te bestellen bij bol.com.

De voorlopige covers van de boeken zijn vrijgegeven en staan in de galerij, mogelijk veranderen deze nog.

Galerij Links:
http//: Merchandise > Boeken

Charmed (Orginial)Merchandise

Brain Krause, Drew Fuller en Holly Marie Combs zullen aanwezig zijn op de Wizard World Cleveland dat van 8-10 maart gehouden wordt in Cleveland.

AppereancesBrian KrauseCharmed (Orginial)Drew FullerHolly Marie Combs

Het ebook ‘ Charmed The War on Witches’ zal volgend jaar maart ook in een papieren versie verschijnen. De geplande release datum is voor nu nog 5 maart, het is niet duidelijk of er ook een vertaalde versie naar het Nederlands uitkomt.

Charmed (Orginial)Merchandise

Brian heeft met TheWrap een interview het gehad waarin hij praat over ‘Charmed’ en zijn gedachten over de nieuwe reboot.

Were you ever truly worried Piper and Leo wouldn’t end up together?
For me it’s just, being one of the only males on this show, any time Leo goes away it’s the fear of “Is it over for Leo?” When we’re together the only drama we can create is when I die or when I go away. Every single time I was concerned I wasn’t going to be a part of the show.

Holly is such a great actress you want to play scenes with her that are emotionally involved, whether it’s happy, sad, whatever it is. So it was always a thrill when we got a chance to do something that was poignant emotionally, not just battling a demon or figuring something out. That we had to deal with these real emotions. Working with her like that, it was a treat for me.

What was it like learning about the crazy twist that Chris was actually your son in Season 5?
Talking with Brad Kern, he didn’t want to tell us. There came a point in one of the scripts where it was like, “OK, what’s going on?” And he told us and was, like, “I need you to feel like you don’t know. Just to play it out as if this is the worst person on the planet, so that when we do do that scene it’s a surprise.” But I believe I only found out about a week before the reveal. They held that one pretty close to the vest.

You’ve all talked about this so much already, but looking back now, what did Prue’s (Shannen Doherty) death at the end of Season 3 mean for the show as a whole?
Shannen’s departure I think was a surprise to everyone. I didn’t expect that she wouldn’t be back. She was such a big part of creating the show and had brought her fanbase and talents to it. So when we found that out, it was a big surprise and wondering how we were going to go on. And then we introduced Rose McGowan [as Paige], who brought her own personality and talent and we lasted another five years. So, kudos to her and her talent. But that was a big surprise, sure.

Where do you land in the Paige Years vs. Prue Years debate?
It’s two different shows almost. Shannen played a bad ass and the dynamic changed when Paige came in. She’s much more bubbly and free and then Piper became the matriarch. And that’s when Leo and her became the “adults of the show,” if you will. So it changed all the storylines going forward in how we all reacted and what happened, which was great for me. I was just lucky to be there, for sure.

Have you heard all the jokes made about the girls steamrolling over Leo all the time?
I knew what the show was going in. The girls are the strength of the show. My role was to be deliverer of news, the greater good, always the good choice, the pacifist. It felt like real life, I guess, but, you know, I’m in on the joke! Leo is a pacifist. Leo is confrontative when he has to be, but the whole story for him was to take care of everyone with love and kindness — you’ll always win.

What was your favorite line of Leo’s?
“I’ll check with the Elders.” I don’t know how many times I said that [laughs]. Oh, and “It’s all for the greater good!”

What are your thoughts on The CW’s upcoming reboot?
It’s a compliment that they would reboot our show. It’s a compliment to what the girls created initially. You know, what all four of them did for so long and our writers created. I hope it’s a success, for sure. I think with “Charmed” there are a million storylines you can tell. With magic, anything can happen. It’s endless. Like you see with “Supernatural” it seems to be going after Season 25 or something [laughs]. So it’s endless storytelling and I hope the fans get what they want out of this.

Would you be a part of it if you were asked?
You know, going to all the comic cons and seeing how many fans we have all over the world, you know the fans want to see the girls, the original cast. They love the idea of “Charmed continuing.” They just want it to all be integrated. So if they ask me to be a part of it, I feel like it would be great for the fans. I don’t think Leo gets there without Piper though, I’ll tell you that much [laughs].

Brian KrauseCharmed (2018)Charmed (Orginial)

FanMail en CBS hebben nieuwe merchandise gelanceerd met de viering van het 20-jarig bestaan van ‘Charmed’ namelijk de ‘Charmed: Box of Shadows’. Hierbij kunnen fans zich aanmelden om 4x per jaar een doos voor met (exclusive) ‘Charmed’ spullen te krijgen. Wat er precies in de boxen zit weet je niet van te voren, maar denk hierbij aan kleding, accessories, verzamelopjecten, sieraden en spullen voor in huis ect. 4x per jaar wordt een er een doos verzonden tussen de $45-50 dollar (afhankelijk van maandelijks of jaarlijkse deelname), verzendkosten buiten Amerika en Canada zijn $23.95. De dozen worden aan het eind van de maanden januari, april, juli en oktober verzonden.

Mocht je graag een doos willen dan ben je omgerekend per doos ongeveer €65,- kwijt die is inclusief verzendkosten.

Charmed (Orginial)Merchandise