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Enkele nieuwe fotoshoots en outtakes staan in de galerij van Kaley. Zo werd haar Jeff Lipsky fotoshoot van vorig jaar gebruikt voor enkele nieuwe interviews waardoor er nieuwe outtakes zijn verschenen. Ze praatte o.a. met The Hollywood Reporter Radio Times, L.A. Times en LA Confidential.

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http//: 2019: Jeff Lipsky (Haute Living)
http//: 2020: Kirk McKoy (Los Angeles Times)
http//: 2020: Mackenzie Stroh (The Hollywood Reporter)
http//: 2020: Nino Muñoz
http//: 2012: Richard Hume (BHL Magazine)

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Sarah heeft afgelopen zomer via facetime een fotoshoot gehad met Courtney Nathan Phillip.

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http//: Courtney Nathan Phillip

FotoshootsSarah Jeffery

Shannen praat met het tijdschrift Elle openhartig over haar kankerdiagnose. Zo laat ze weten nog niet klaar te zijn op dood te gaan nu ze uitbehandeld heeft, en ze het moeilijk vind om haar afscheid te plannen omdat ze zich niet ziek voelt. Lees hieronder een gedeelte van het interview, outtakes van de bijbehorende fotoshoot door haar man Kurt staan in de galerij,

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http//: 2020 – Kurt Iswarienko (Elle USA)

Shannen Doherty Is Not Signing Off Just Yet
Fighting Stage IV breast cancer has forced some self-reflection, but the ’90s icon and so-called diva refuses to slow down.

On a cool evening in February 2019, Shannen Doherty invited some friends to a Venice, California, rental house for a dinner party. Doherty’s actual home was in Malibu, 20 miles north, but she and her husband, photographer Kurt Iswarienko, had fled the property a few months earlier, when a wildfire that started inland burned nearly 100,000 acres on its way to the Pacific Ocean. The couple’s house survived the blaze, but Doherty says the property sustained significant damage that made it uninhabitable.

The guest list for the dinner included only people Doherty trusted: her husband and the friends who knew the real Shannen—not the 1990s tabloid caricature, the loudmouthed bad girl with a temper. Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar was there, along with model Anne Marie Kortright, Malibu real estate agent Chris Cortazzo, and a Los Angeles doctor named Lawrence Piro.

Doherty had compiled the guest list, but it was Piro, her oncologist, who drove the conversation. Less than two years earlier, the actress had finished treatment for breast cancer, and Piro was at the dinner to explain that Doherty’s disease was back. The cancer, Piro said, was now metastatic (also known as Stage IV), meaning it had spread beyond Doherty’s breast and lymph nodes. “The way he presented everything to everyone was matter-of-fact,” Doherty, 49, tells me when we speak in June. The news was devastating, of course, and Doherty had invited Piro so her friends could get answers to the questions she knew they would have. Would she die of this? Probably. Would she die soon? Probably not. Why did this happen? It was impossible to know. Could this be treated? Yes, to a point. “Everybody got to ask questions and know what we were looking at as a group, as a team,” Doherty says.

About 300,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. In the majority of cases, initial treatment for the disease is effective, curing the patient. But in a significant share of cases, the breast cancer returns, either to the breast or nearby lymph nodes or to other parts of the body. In Doherty’s case, despite the surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation she had undergone after her first diagnosis, it seemed that some cancer cells had survived the assault and made their way to her spine. Eventually, the disease will most likely spread further, to Doherty’s brain, lungs, liver, or some combination thereof.

Still, there was reason for hope, Piro told the group. Treatment for metastatic breast cancer, which was once an automatic death sentence, has advanced in recent years, with patients living longer and having a better quality of life. Some survive for a decade or more. Doherty’s treatment would include hormone therapy to block the estrogen fueling her cancer, plus a second targeted drug that is often effective at stabilizing metastatic disease. If this didn’t work, there were other drug combinations to try, but the bottom line was that Doherty would be in treatment for the rest of her life. As Piro explained all this, his patient sat at the table, listening.

Nearly 30 years after she played Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210, Doherty is still striking, with high cheekbones and shiny, jet-black hair. “I think people have a mental picture of Stage IV cancer as someone sitting in a gray hospital gown, looking out a window on their deathbed,” Iswarienko, tells me. “I don’t see a cancer patient when I look at Shannen. I see the same woman I fell in love with. She looks healthy and vital.”

FotoshootsShannen DohertyTijdschriften

Ik heb enkele nieuwe outtakes van Shannen’s fotoshoot vorig jaar voor People Magazine door haar man Kurt Iswarienko toegevoegd in de galerij.

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http//: 2019 – Kurt Iswarienko (People)

FotoshootsShannen Doherty

Ik heb enkele nieuwe fotoshoots toegevoegd van Rose.

Galerij Links:
http//: 2020: Matt Licari (The Guardian)
http//: 2020: Rankin
http//: 2020: Sunday Times Magazine
http//: 2020: Zony Maya

FotoshootsRose McGowan

Rose heeft een interview en fotoshoot gehad met The Guardian.

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http//: 2020: Matt Licari (The Guardian)

The actor has been battling for justice since the Hollywood producer attacked her more than 20 years ago. She talks about how that fight cost her motherhood and her career – but helped spark a movement

Wow, has it been a huge week.” Rose McGowan is speaking on the phone from New York, vivid, unguarded, persuasive, so much more campaigner than celebrity. On Monday, Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of rape and sexual assault. McGowan was not in court, and her accusation of rape against Weinstein will never be brought, as a civil or criminal case. One of the stunning side notes of this scandal is the impact of having a statute of limitations in cases of sexual violence: more than 100 women have made chillingly similar allegations against Weinstein, yet only a handful of them were recent enough for charges to be pressed.

McGowan woke up an hour after the verdict was delivered, to a “raft of messages on my phone. And I thought: ‘He must be guilty because otherwise nobody would have texted me.’ The week before the trial, I got very little contact.” This has been McGowan’s reality since 1997, when Weinstein assaulted her at the Sundance film festival: she had pariah status, peppered periodically in gossip columns with insinuations about her character. Weinstein, as many of his victims attested, could freeze out an adversary so comprehensively that their phone would never ring again. “Everybody expected him to get off, including me,” says McGowan. “In my experience with this stuff, his defences were so strong. The two cases that were chosen to prosecute had never been successfully prosecuted in a court of law [because his accusers had continued to have contact with him after his attacks]. And also, I’m just a woman. We expect to get absolutely nothing. We’re so used to being dumped on that why would anybody believe us?” Read More

FotoshootsRose McGowan

Ik heb foto’s in de galerij toegevoegd van Poppy Drayton die sinds dit seizoen de rol van demon-heks Abigeal Caine speelt. Foto’s van haar appereances, andere projecten en fotoshoots staan in de galerij.

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http//: Poppy Drayton

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Alyssa heeft een interview en fotoshoot gehad voor de New York Times over haar politieke inzet in de presidentiële campagne. Lees het interview hier.

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http//: 2019: Rozette Rago (The New York Times)

Alyssa MilanoFotoshoots

Hierbij de laatste appereances van de cast

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http//: 02 oktober: MSNBC’s Election Coverage
http//: 02 oktober: 2020 Gun Safety Forum)
http//: 05 oktober: Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show
http//: 05 oktober: 9th Annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards
http//: 2019: Neilson Barnard (The American Humane Hero Dog Awards Portraits)
http//: 05 oktober: 10th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Angeles
http//: 06 oktober: ROCK4EB!
http//: 10 oktober: NETFLIX’s ‘The Earthquake Bird’ Post Premiere Reception

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Bekijk hier alle fotoshoots die Madeleine Mantock, Melonie Diaz, Rupert Evans en Sarah Jeffery hebben gehad op de New York Comic-Con. Edit: Nieuwe outtakes toegevoegd.

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http//: 2019 New York Comic-Con – Entertainment Weekly Portraits
http//: 2019 New York Comic-Con – TV Guide Portraits
http//: 2019 New York Comic-Con – TV Guide Portraits (Achter de schermen)

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Ik heb enkele nieuwe fotoshoots van Alyssa toegevoegd.

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http//: 2019: Kristen White
http//: 2019: Ramona Rosales
http//: 2019: Ari Michelson

Alyssa MilanoFotoshoots

Shannen heeft een interview gehad met People Magazine, hiervoor had ze een fotoshoot met haar man Kurt. Outtakes hiervan staan in de galerij. Klik op meer om het video interview te bekijken.

“Kurt and I have a much deeper appreciation for each other now,” Shannen Doherty tells PEOPLE

Shannen Doherty is opening up about an unexpected silver lining to her painful and terrifying battle with breast cancer — it changed her marriage, for the better.

“Cancer solidified us,” Doherty, who has been wed to photographer Kurt Iswarienko since 2011, tells PEOPLE. “Kurt and I have a much deeper appreciation for each other now.”

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, Doherty, 47, eventually underwent a mastectomy, followed by brutal back-to-back rounds of chemo and radiation before going into remission in 2018. The actress currently stars on BH90210, the hit reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Reflecting on her relationship with Iswarienko, Doherty says, “It’s not that our marriage wasn’t good before. But we were definitely going through some growing pains. We would lock horns on things, and instead of resolving it, we wouldn’t speak for a couple of days.”

Now, “we don’t let a night go by mad at each other,” says Doherty. “The last time we had a big argument was pre-cancer.”

And the actress says a heart-wrenching journey like the one she faced changes all involved.

“For anybody to think that the only person altered by cancer is the person with cancer is incredibly wrong,” she says. “Cancer alters the people in your life. And it’s shaped both of us. We look at life very differently now.”

Iswarienko is also helping Doherty accept her post-cancer body, something she admits has been difficult for her to do.

“I don’t have to be a sexy little vixen,” says Doherty. “How Kurt sees me really helps me be a better person. He was always like, ‘I’ve never seen someone handle something so difficult with so much grace. You’re so strong.’ And I figured out, it’s a quiet strength. And that is far sexier and appealing than I had before.”

Ultimately, “Kurt and I look at each other with such profound respect now,” Doherty says. “He was my rock in every way possible, and he made sure I knew how much he loved and valued me. We have a much deeper appreciation [for each other] now, and a much larger capacity for forgiveness.”

Galerij Links:
http//: 2019 – Kurt Iswarienko (People)

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FotoshootsShannen Doherty

Rose heeft een nieuwe fotoshoot gehad voor het online tijdschrift Spirit & Flesh Magazine.

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http//: 2019: Mike Ruiz (Spirit & Flesh Magazine)

FotoshootsRose McGowan

De afgelopen paar weken zijn er enkele nieuwe fotoshoots van Rose verschenen, deze staan nu in de galerij. Zo had ze een interview met The List en The Guardian. In het laatst genoemde interview praat ze o.a. hoe haar carriere nu veranderd is door de gebeurtenissen van de afgelopen jaren.

Galerij Links:
http//: 2019: Assembly Festival / The List
http//: 2019: Josef Jasso
http//: 2019: Frederic Monceau
http//: 2019: Sarah Lee (The Guardian)

FotoshootsRose McGowanTijdschriften

Drew heeft een nieuwe fotoshoot gehad met fotograaf Spencer Susser om op zijn instagramaccount een biologische tandpasta gemaakt van houtskool te promoten.

Friends- Let’s talk teeth!!! Growing up the son of a dentist (hygienist, BUT STILL) it was always much more important to have white teeth than get good grades (that may not be entirely true). When I moved out at 17 it was brutal… constant calls by parent making sure I was brushing 3x a day, using the right brush, brushing the right amount of time, not drinking too much coffee (cause it stains your teeth) etc. etc. ETC!

Then, by a miracle or possibly an email, I found:
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📸 @spencersusser #noborders #caregenia

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http//: 2019: Spencer Susser

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Er zijn enkele nieuwe fotoshoots van Sarah verschenen, zo had ze recent een nieuwe shoot met Bello Magazine. Het interview daarvan is uitgekomen en hier te lezen.

Galerij Links:
http//: 2019: Aria Emory (Bello Magazine)
http//: 2019: Aria Emory (Bello Magazine) – Achter de schermen
http//: 2019: Derrick Freske
http//: 2019: Jerry Maestas
http//: 2019: V Magazine – Behind The Scenes

FotoshootsSarah JefferyTijdschriften

Sarah heeft een practige nieuwe fotoshoot gehad met Gio Journal door fotograaf John Russo.

Photography by { John Russo

Edited by { Bonnie Davidson

Photographed at { South Coast Botanic Garden

Jewelry by { Art of Jewels

Sarah Jeffery
After calling J-Lo “Mom” for three seasons on the NBC drama Shades of Blue, young darling Sarah Jeffery can now be seen casting spells as one of the lead witches on Charmed, The CW’s reboot of the 1998 cult classic. At only 23, Jeffery has been singing, dancing and acting for more than two decades, having made her theatrical debut at the tender age of 3, in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Next up, she reprises her role as Princess Audrey in Disney Channel’s original movie Descendants 3, set for release in August.

Galerij Links:
http//: 2019: John Russo (Gio /Journal)

FotoshootsSarah Jeffery

Kaley heeft een interview en fotoshoot gehad voor de mei 2019 editie van het tijdschrift Haute Living, bekijk de outtakes in de galerij.

Galerij Links:
http//: 2019: Jeff Lipsky (Haute Living)
http//: 2019: Jeff Lipsky (Haute Living) – Behind The Scenes

abloids are often fond of suggesting that celebrities are “just like us!” But in Kaley Cuoco’s case, it’s actually true. Like all of us, she’s Googled herself. She shows off photos of her three dogs like they’re her children (heck, she even named her production company after one). She’s often the first person at the party and the first to leave, even when she tells herself to “be cool.” And yes—even she occasionally gets starstruck. But the difference between us and her is this: She—and she alone—has the distinction of being the second-highest-paid female in television, on what will be the longest-running multicamera series ever, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. And as that series approaches its end, this happy-go-lucky star reflects on the show that created her career.

When we meet the 33-year-old actress in Encino, Calif., for coffee on Oscar Sunday, she has shot 18 of 24 episodes for Big Bang’s 12th and final season. The end is imminent, and though her disposition is sunny, reality is starting to sink in.

Is she glad? Hell no! The Big Bang Theory cast is her family, and this has been her life for 12 wonderful years. But as this self-proclaimed realist knows, nothing can last forever.

“I feel I go through these waves of depression about it,” she admits. “It’s been like a death. It’s hard to let go of something I’m so used to, that’s been a part of my life for so many years. It’s very bittersweet. It’s a weird mental thing; I’m very excited for the future, but it’s like letting go of a comfort blanket.”

Cuoco can’t help but tear up as she thinks about cutting ties with alter ego Penny, a one-time aspiring actress and Cheesecake Factory waitress-turned-pharmaceutical sales rep from Omaha, Neb. She is the lone relatable voice on a show rife with scientific references and sometimes incoherent nerd jargon, a refreshing foil to geeky Caltech physicists Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki), the (now-not-so) new neighbors she befriended after moving into a Pasadena, Calif., apartment complex, as well as their supersmart yet socially challenged friends: aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg), astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar), physicist Leslie Winkle (Sara Gilbert), neuroscientist Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik), microbiologist Bernadette Rostenkowski (Melissa Rauch) and comic book store owner Stuart Bloom (Kevin Sussman).

Many things have changed, yet they’ve also stayed consistently the same since the show kicked off with a bang on September 24, 2007. After nine seasons of makeups and breakups, the unlikely couple of Penny and Leonard tied the knot. Each of the leads has settled down. The late, great cosmologist Stephen Hawking has shown up not once, but twice. The apartment elevator still isn’t working (a running gag, as it hasn’t been operational since 2003, four years before the series started).
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